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Underrun – Making Of - PhobosLab
I participated in this year's js13kGames, a JavaScript game development competition with a file size limit of 13kb, including code, assets and everything else. My entry was Underrun, a twin stick shooter using WebGL.
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21 hours ago by nicolashery
The game was created for JS13K Games, a competition where your entire game has to fit under 13 kilobytes. To achieve this, all of the graphics and audio in Bellwoods is procedurally generated.
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23 hours ago by nicolashery
Making a Text Adventure in Haskell (Part 4) – What The Functional
Making a Text Adventure in Haskell (Part 4) - Added April 26, 2018 at 06:53PM
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yesterday by xenocid
Old Skool Coder
Tutorials on assembly, 6502, etc.
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yesterday by asommer
音楽 | Joe C.S.
Found his music and him in the Gamekedo slack and I have to say, I want his music in one of my games some day.
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yesterday by seltzy

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