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UNFILLED: Butch DeLoria/Non Binary!Lone Wanderer
a nb!lw with their tunnel snake boyfriend, butch. please dont make butch bully lw bc that always just ruins the whole thing for me. would prefer something w/o smut but smut is fine so long as long as theyre 18+. many thanks and much love!!
prompt:unfilled  game:fo3  character:butch  character:lone_wanderer 
march 2018 by nfkm
UNFILLED: FO3, James/Anyone, Any kink
Literally any pairing between James and someone who’s of age by general real life standards, with any kink would do. You want to write James/Catherine exhibitionist smut? James/Jonas medical play smut? James/Madison bondage smut? James/Charon dom/sub smut? James/Nova orgasm denial smut? James/a married couple from Vault 101 cuckolding smut? Whatever sparks you imagination—anything goes.

Bonus points for:

+ Every character involved in the fic is really enthusiastic about the kinks they’re engaging in, and they have a great time
++ Something based on James’s age (daddy kink? age difference? either written explicitly into the fic or that it’s implied as part of the attraction between James and his partner)) would be wonderful!

Please, no incest, scat, or non-con (dub con is okay)
prompt:unfilled  game:fo3  character:james 
january 2018 by nfkm
Maxson/MacCready 'Reunions' 1/1
Years after he left the Capital Wasteland, MacCready is travelling the Commonwealth when he comes across someone he met back at Little Lamplight.
prompt:filled  relationship:slash  game:fo3  game:fo4  character:maxson  character:maccready  fic:finished 
january 2018 by nfkm
UNFILLED: M!Ghoul/Any, cum kink, ghoul scent
Ghoul companion of your choice is escorting some smooth skin through an area densely populated by feral ghouls and comes to the conclusion that the safest bet for getting their human through that mess alive and to cum inside/on them until they reek of radiated seed so much so that the ferals will smell nothing but ghoul and leave them alone.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  game:fo3  game:fo4  kink:ghoul  kink:cumplay 
november 2017 by nfkm
ARTFILL, 'The John Hancock Experience (in stereo)'
I ended up making you a seven page comic! I kept it kind of sketchy and disjointed because it seemed to fit how high Hancock is supposed to be in this
prompt:filled  game:fo4  game:fo3  character:hancock  artfill  relationship:gen 
november 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Harkness & Danse, Gen or Slash
These two have similar backstories, being synths without knowing it, and I think it would be interesting to see the two interact. Post Blind Betrayal, ideally. Maybe Harkness comes to the Commonwealth to help out the Railroad, or maybe just kick some Institute ass, and meets Danse. How do their situations compare? (Since Harkness gets his memories of being a synth back, but Danse doesn't.) How does Harkness feel about the fact that he's basically the first to get a mind wipe and now it's standard procedure, leaving people to potentially go through the situation he had to?

The situation and interaction is up to you.
prompt:unfilled  game:fo4  game:fo3  character:harkness  character:danse 
october 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Azrukhal/Charon - NONCON
I know Charon says that physical violence invalidates his contract, but you can do a lot to a guy just with commands like “Hold still” or “Keep your mouth open” or similar.

Basically, I’d just like to see someone get creative with this idea.
prompt:unfilled  game:fo3  relationship:slash  character:azrukhal  character:charon  kink:ghoul  warning:noncon(implied) 
october 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Succubus of the Wastes
A character of your choice is actually an inhumanly seductive succubus who gains nourishment and power from lust and sex.

No rape or non-con or gore or anything like that. This should be a fun story about a very ethical sex demon.

I'd like it if the succubus was either Female Courier or Female Sole Survivor.

~Bonus Points~:

+ Futanari

+ People who frequently have sex with the succubus turn into succubi as well.

+ The succubus builds herself a harem.

+ People around the succubus get immensely horny and lose their inhibitions.

+ One (or more) of the succubus' companions is very eager to be her sex slave.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  game:fo3  game:fo4  kink:supernatural 
july 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: MacCready, all Lamplighters eventually become ghouls
Little Lamplight gives its citizens the boot once they turn sixteen, and Big Town rarely has anyone sticking around older than their mid-twenties.

Before he left for the Commonwealth MacCready learned that this is because most Lamplighters wind up in Underworld by the time they turn thirty.

Gen/friendship focus is preferred but pre-, background or mentioned ships aren't a problem. Interaction between MacCready and Hancock or Daisy would be most treasured. Examinations of the darker themes surrounding ghoulification (body horror, threat of going feral, people's attitudes) would also be more than welcome.
prompt:unfilled  game:fo3  game:fo4  character:maccready  kink:ghoul  relationship:gen 
july 2017 by nfkm
(ARTFILL) Shiloh
I drew my LW homegirl Shiloh awhile ago, any chance to throw my art at the masses
prompt:filled  artfill  character:female_lone_wanderer  game:fo3  fic_series:Asphalt_Flowers 
july 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Pre-War jobs become famous
Long ago, in the pre-war era, there were jobs that didn't have very positive reputations, but those who do them in the post apocolypse are considered saints now.


Burger Flipper
Delivery Boy
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  game:fo3  game:fo4  relationship:gen 
july 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Ghoul character +/ any: born ghoul
What I would like is a character who is in a serious relationship with a ghoul or maybe after the creation of the gen three synths, someone in the institute wanted to see if it were possible to use a ghoul to create artificial gametes through other types of cells, artificial gametes that could be used to create life.
As for the how, that might be a tricky one. If the ghoul was prewar and still has kept some of their hair or they used to excessively use a fancy hairbrush but never got around to getting rid of it after becoming a ghoul, or maybe someone in the institute had various other samples collected from vault 111 so they could study pre war dna as a way of comparing it to radiation damaged dna, and they managed to create their own version of the human genome and maybe using some of that dna to ensure some kind of genetic diversity among the synths while using father's dna.

Preference wise:
+ I don't mind sole/hancock because it seems to be fairly popular
++ Some of the popular choices are allowed, but it would be amazing to see rare pairings like sole/kent
++++(!) Big weakness for Dean Domino (Haven't played the dlc yet -only watched oxhorn's lore videos-, but he comes off as the type who always wanted to make sure he looked better than everyone else -I mean, he turns on the player character if they belittle them, or make him feel like he's not in control-, and spent a lot of time preening, so maybe he has a brush that reflects that?)
-No to noncon, or anything that would suggest that one side did not consent to having any part of what's happens.
+-If there is any smut, not really sure what to ask to avoid writing due to a small fraction of the preferences out there and being way too awkward to look into it.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  game:fo3  game:fo4  relationship:gen  kink:ghoul 
july 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Fallout Friend Fiction
A repost of one of my favorite prompts on the very old kmeme that never got a fill.

Someone finds a notebook full of smutty literature about people in the wastes. The mighty Courier making Caesar lick his boots. The good doctor greasing his hand to the wrist and carefully inserting it into everyone's favorite sniper. Veronica trying to keep calm while her gal Cass fingers her under the blackjack table. The men of the Legion lifting their skirts and the NCR boys raising morale on their backs. Three-Dog getting it on while the mic is active. Any game, any characters, any gender, any sexuality.

But! The stories keep being added to the book, and they're not all in the same handwriting.

Minifills, tag team posts, crack, slash, whatever you feel like. I thought we could do with some fun meta within meta posts!
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  game:fo3  game:fo4 
july 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Charon/LW - Charon tricks his employer to break the contract (DUB/NONCON)
"Physical violence on your part invalidates our contract."

Charon's new employer is an evil karma jerk. He REALLY doesn't like working for them so he goads them into getting into a heated argument with him. That leads to the LW slapping him which renders the contract useless. Charon slaps them back, overpowers them and is now free to do whatever the hell he wants with them. He, however, would rather not kill them and instead make them feel just as used, desperate and angry as he was under their employment.

That leads to a punishment... and a sexual one serves his purposes perfectly. Make them feel powerless, humiliated, all that stuff he had to endure. At some point LW starts to enjoy it BUT as soon as they do Charon, the cunning motherfucker, stops and refuses to take it so far that the LW could actually get any release.
prompt:unfilled  game:fo3  character:charon  character:female_lone_wanderer  character:male_lone_wanderer  warning:noncon  warning:dubcon  kink:humiliation  kink:noncon 
july 2017 by nfkm
M!LW/Charon, 'It's Not Everything', 2/?
Charon's contract is ripped up and he reacts badly. Thankfully his former employer can handle him.
prompt:filled  warning:violence  relationship:slash  kink:ghoul  game:fo3 
july 2017 by nfkm
[Legacy Fill] It Had To Be You, 84/? NONCON/DUBCON
A totally isolated population is eventually going to die out. The youth of Vault 101 find themselves caught up in the Overseer's scheme to “fix” that problem.
character:female_lone_wanderer  character:butch  kink:pregnancy  kink:arranged_marriage  kink:first_time  warning:noncon  warning:dubcon  prompt:filled  fic:legacy  relationship:het  game:fo3 
june 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Vault 101 Procreation
So, there was a fill about this on the old meme (that I think got transferred here via Legacy Fill) about Vault 101 and there being a procreation rule, but it was strictly F!LW/Butch with a lot of details. Since there's the new open prompt rule, I figured I'd repost the prompt with a more general request.

I want to see anyone from Vault 101 dealing with the negative (or positive?) effects of a procreation rule set. Why was it placed? What are the consequences/benefits of breaking the rule or following it? How is it enforced?

Feel free to make it genfic, het, or slash, smut, fluff, angst... anything!
prompt:unfilled  relationship:femslash  relationship:gen  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:pregnancy  kink:breeding  game:fo3 
june 2017 by nfkm
Desmond Lockheart, 'Old Mongrel and a Pack of Pups', 6/?
Wandering in the Capital Wasteland, Desmond ends up being injured and rescued by the Little Lamplight children. He turns out to be a much less bad parent than he himself or you'd have thought.
relationship:gen  character:desmond_lockheart  prompt:filled  fic:unfinished  game:fo3 
june 2017 by nfkm

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