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UNFILLED: The Lucky 38 is Open for Business
Courier Six takes over the Lucky 38 (probably after the Yes Man ending, but if you can make any of the other endings work for this prompt, go for it) and decides to run it as a proper casino.

But what kind of casino? What is its ambience, its looks, its theme? What kind of customers does it attract?

What would Courier Six' casino be?

Both perfectly professional casinos and weird kinky sex casinos are welcome.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  character:courier 
april 2018 by nfkm
UNFILLED: New Vegas Age Kink
Any pairing for an age kink in New Vegas, would prefer older grizzly NCR guy and younger female courier but I'll take anything! Please no non con or dub con tho :D
character:ncr_ranger  character:courier  kink:age  prompt:unfilled  game:fnv 
april 2018 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Slave Arcade/Legionnaires noncon/dubcon
The legion is canonically accepting of m/m relationships, so I would love to see some legion slave Arcade being forced to provide sexual services in addition to doctoring. Caesar, Lanius, Vulpes and all other legionnaires are fine! I just wanna see poor Arcade coerced into sex and getting his brains fucked out, possibly as punishment for mouthing off, or maybe for entertainment after they learn about his proclivities.

++Bonus points: humiliation, and exhibitionism would be amazing!
prompt:unfilled  kink:slavery  character:arcade_gannon  warning:noncon  warning:dubcon  relationship:slash  kink:humiliation  kink:exhibitionism  game:fnv 
april 2018 by nfkm
UNFILLED: F! Courier/ Veronica
F! Courier with a budding romance with Veronica and get to talking about previous relationships. F!courier can see the wistfulness in Veronica so she attempts to bring Christine back , complicating the love triangle even further. Who does Veronica choose ? No bathroom stuff , no threesomes and no noncon. Can eventually turn smutty! Thank you !
prompt:unfilled  character:female_lone_wanderer  character:veronica  game:fnv  relationship:femslash 
january 2018 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Dead Sea/Any Male Character
Please i need more gay Dead Sea in my life. no real preference for Who hes paired with. sfw and nsfw fills are both fine

no thanks: any bathroom related kinks
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  character:dead_sea  relationship:slash 
november 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: M!Ghoul/Any, cum kink, ghoul scent
Ghoul companion of your choice is escorting some smooth skin through an area densely populated by feral ghouls and comes to the conclusion that the safest bet for getting their human through that mess alive and to cum inside/on them until they reek of radiated seed so much so that the ferals will smell nothing but ghoul and leave them alone.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  game:fo3  game:fo4  kink:ghoul  kink:cumplay 
november 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: God/M!Courier, anything
Maybe after Dog and God have merged, or maybe God is the one running the show. Maybe while they're still stuck in the Sierra Madre and trust is a vital but extremely hard commodity to give and get, maybe they're free and don't quite want to go their separate ways yet and both feel protective of each other for different reasons. Maybe there's powerplay and struggle for dominance involved. Maybe there's not entirely willing medplay because the Sierra Madre is a dangerous dangerous place. Gradual trust buildup? Verbal sparring?

Slowbuild and angsty longfic is preferred but I'm certainly not picky. Heck there doesn't even have to be any boning happening if you don't want that, or M!Courier, I'm cool with F too.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  character:male_courier  character:dog/god  kink:super_mutant 
november 2017 by nfkm
M!Courier/Arcade, 'Stranger Than Fiction,' 1/1
With the law cracking down on the sale of booze, it's getting harder and harder to run a good, old-fashioned speakeasy. Best call a courier in to help.
prompt:filled  game:fnv  fic:finished  fic_series:Historica_Post_Apocalyptica  character:arcade_gannon  character:male_courier  relationship:gen  kink:au 
november 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Cait/Cassidy - Casual Sex
Cait's out in the New Vegas for some reason, meets Cass, and the two of them hook up for a night of casual, no-strings-attached fucking.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  game:fo4  character:cait  character:cass  relationship:femslash 
november 2017 by nfkm
'Carla Boone: Indisposable Woman' 1/?
She will survive. She didn't know where she was or even who she was. But she knew she would survive.
prompt:filled  fic:unfinished  game:fnv  relationship:gen  character:carla_boone 
october 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: M!Courier/Vulpes, Anything
in honor of slashlocked prompts, I'd love to see anything with Vulpes and an M!Courier. Maybe the Courier lived in Nipton before the town was taken, or was a frumentarii before getting shot in the head. Whatever a!anon wants

bonus love for rough sex
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  relationship:slash  character:vulpes_inculta  character:male_courier 
october 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: F!Courier/Veronica: Eating Out while Eating Out
Veronica wants to eat a nice dinner at the Ultra-Luxe. The Courier would like to eat Veronica's pussy at the Ultra-Luxe.

So yeah. Veronica's seated at the table eating dinner, while the Courier is seated under the table going down on Veronica.

Make it as funny or as sexy as you like.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  character:female_courier  character:veronica  relationship:femslash  kink:oral 
october 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Older!Courier/Caesar
I saw this on one of the old memes but I don't remember which, anyway the basic premise is that an older Courier knew Caesar back in the day one way or another. As just a friend or lover, up to anon. How does the first meeting in years go now that these two are on opposing (or collaborating) sides of the battlefield?

If you go the lover route, an extremely strong preference for M!Courier
prompt:unfilled  character:courier  character:caesar  game:fnv 
october 2017 by nfkm
[Legacy Fill] F!Courier/Vulpes, 'Into the Fire' DUBCON 3/?
Vulpes turns to the Courier when he deserts a Legion under Lanius' rule. Without enough time before the battle for the dam for him to prove trustworthy, she puts him to work another way.
prompt:filled  fic:legacy  fic:unfinished  game:fnv  character:vulpes_inculta  character:female_courier  kink:femdom  warning:dubcon  relationship:het 
september 2017 by nfkm

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