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The Hearthstone Award: Gwent’s Most Bonkers RNG Cards
“There’s no RNG in Gwent,” as the old meme goes. This is usually said while rocking in the corner with bloodied tears streaming down your cheeks as you foolishly risk your last mulligan to find the win condition you desperately need.
gwent  game 
3 days ago by sevdrake
"c ya laterrrr" game
Powerful game as reflection on personal loss.
game  interactivefiction  waronterror 
3 days ago by bryanalexander
Enrich Feeding Time| Make a Puzzle Cat Feeder | Purina ONE®
Our expert team shows you how to make a DIY puzzle feeder from common household items.
cat  feeder  game  puzzle  food 
3 days ago by jennettefulda
Mindthief Strategy | Gloomhaven | BoardGameGeek
If you want to maximise the numeric value of your deck, and are going to donate at the sanctuary before every scenario, then I think the best perks are:
* Remove 2x -1
* Remove 2x -1
* Remove 4x 0

This reduces your deck to 12 cards, or 14 with blessing. 3 of the 14 cards are criticals, which means you have a bit more than 1/5 chance of drawing one. The only bad cards are the null and -2, and you've only got a 1/7 chance of drawing either.

If you're not going to bless consistently, ...
game  gloomhaven 
3 days ago by nilblank
Mindthief Strategy | Gloomhaven | BoardGameGeek
I could use some suggestions on tips playing the mindthief, it seems to be the one character still struggling to find a good role in our group. So far we have two parties:

[u][b]Group A[/b][/u]
Me - Scoundrel (Level 2, leather armor and stamina potion)
Wife - Spellweaver (
game  gloomhaven 
3 days ago by nilblank

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