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[GOT] Made of Embers - honey_wheeler
She no longer remembers how it started, nor what it was that changed them from her brothers to her lovers. Or perhaps she does not wish to remember. Her story has been one of pain far too often to question such things that give her pleasure. And oh, they give her such pleasure. Each differently, each lavishly, each perfectly.
jon/robb/sansa  trope:polyamory  threesome  kink:incest  wc:1-5k  located:ao3  game.of.thrones 
20 days ago by ofjustimagine
[GoT] Don't Stop Swaying - SoHereWeAre
Robb and Sansa Stark attempt to handle their forbidden love for each other that developed after the tragic death of their mother. While doing their best to lead normal lives, they still cannot deny how they feel. Their relationship is tested when one traumatic night threatens to destroy them and the lives of those around them.

Extremely melodramatic/soap opera-y. Good for poolside reading, but not worth the 200k investment otherwise.
robb/sansa  sansa/loras  robb/margaery  kink:incest  kink:cunnilingus  kink:bondage  kink:virginity  kink:orgasm.denial  kink:pregnancy  trope:death  trope:angst  trope:first-time  wc:100k+  located:ao3  game.of.thrones 
4 weeks ago by ofjustimagine
The Oath Breaker Keeps His Word by igrockspock [Game of Thrones. Jaime, Arya.]
After arriving at Winterfell without an army, Jaime Lannister sets out on yet another mission doomed to certain failure: befriending Arya Stark.
ficrecs  gen  game.of.thrones 
july 2019 by casapazzo
The North Remembers by qqueenofhades [A Song of Ice and Fire]
[In the ashes of war-torn Westeros, the fate of the remnants of House Stark - and that of their lovers, allies, friends, and foes - hangs in the balance.]

An eminently worthy completion of ASOIAF (particularly in the wake of the less-than-satisfying TV version).
game.of.thrones  long  ficrecs  gen 
june 2019 by casapazzo
Pride - astolat - Game of Thrones (TV)
Jaime didn’t understand why Cersei suddenly insisted on trimming his hair and shaving his beard, but he also didn’t care to fight her on it, even though he’d just as soon have kept the beard: it was bitterly cold in the small tower room with its arrow-slits. At night, even curled together under the two blankets they’d been allotted, it took the better part of an hour before their bodies could warm the bed enough to sleep. (22,739 words; Cersei Lannister / Jaime Lannister / Brienne of Tarth)
game.of.thrones  astolat 
may 2019 by theodosia21
mir ist die ehre widerfahren - magneticwave - Game of Thrones (TV)
Arya is the only one of them to have met the Targaryen’s Young Dragon, and even then it had been a short battlefield acquaintance when the Ironborn had tried to take the Rock and a hasty alliance had been formed to push them back. Arya had come back from the south covered in blood and filth and said, he’s adequate, I suppose, which meant he probably was the greatest living swordsman. (11,189 words)
game.of.thrones  magneticwave  awesome-short  awesome-all 
may 2019 by theodosia21
Game of Thrones || Vid: Run boy run
Women of GOT vid. Warnings for graphic rape & violence.
game.of.thrones  vids 
may 2019 by casapazzo
Scandal by Gwen77 [Game of Thrones. Jaime/Brienne]
A quasi-Victorian AU, set in a nineteenth century version of Westeros
game.of.thrones  au  het  ficrecs 
april 2019 by casapazzo
mir ist die ehre widerfahren by magneticwave
Arya is the only one of them to have met the Targaryen’s Young Dragon, and even then it had been a short battlefield acquaintance when the Ironborn had tried to take the Rock and a hasty alliance had been formed to push them back. Arya had come back from the south covered in blood and filth and said, he’s adequate, I suppose, which meant he probably was the greatest living swordsman.
@ao3  wc:10.000-15.000  game.of.thrones  sansa/jon  au 
april 2019 by nikkitikkitavi
[GoT] Caution: Love And Lust Ahead - SoHereWeAre
On their way to visit their cousin Jon, Robb and Sansa take a summer road trip they will never forget, thanks to Sansa's "Road Trip Bucket List", which Robb intends to help her complete.
robb/sansa  trope:roadtrip  au:modern  kink:incest  kink:public  threesome  wc:50-100k  located:ao3  game.of.thrones 
january 2019 by ofjustimagine
[GoT] Warm My Flesh With Your Furs - SoHereWeAre
Robb Stark rescues Sansa from King's Landing after forming an uneasy alliance with Stannis Baratheon. Sansa is reunited with her brother whom she thought was dead, an action that changes the course of their lives forever. After returning to Winterfell safe under Robb's protection, Sansa's love for Robb develops into something more, pulled in by the strong mystical connection they have with their direwolves. The Young Wolf also gives in to the love for his sister, determined to keep The Red Wolf at his side at all costs.
robb/sansa  kink:incest  kink:cunnilingus  kink:bestiality  au  threesome  wc:30-40k  located:ao3  game.of.thrones 
january 2019 by ofjustimagine
Traveling Far - astolat - Game of Thrones (TV)
Three weeks into their delightful slog across Westeros, during yet another charming day of shitting in the woods, eating half-raw squirrel, and trudging his feet bloody, the single most dour and uninteresting woman Jaime had ever met in all of Westeros stopped in the middle of a field, drew a deep breath, and said, “When I was seven, my aunt came to visit with her son. My father told me that as the daughter of the house, it was my duty to show hospitality to my guests and to be gracious to them. I wanted to make him proud. So for three weeks, I let my cousin follow me around and talk to me about spiders.” (24,609 words)
astolat  game.of.thrones 
november 2018 by theodosia21

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