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Eli Elezra: Degenerate Gambler with Big Debts
“He owes me and other people lots of money. I have absolutely no idea how many people he owes money to”, tells Shaun Deeb in his recent podcast.

Eli owes only $52,000 to Deeb alone. God know how much total money we’re talking of.
19 days ago by maoxian
Bet on sports gambling
Dan Shanoff/Nieman Journalism Lab, December 2018.
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4 weeks ago by markcoddington
In The Courts: The State of NBA Betting
"Spillane believes it’s hard to imagine the NBA expands its injury-reporting policy to include injuries that might affect performance without 'hundreds of reports being filed constantly' by NBA teams. 'While it’s a fair question to raise, it’s not obvious how you would construct a rule that would require disclosure of that kind of thing without becoming all-encompassing and requiring a much more burdensome, intrusive and wide-range of disclosures than we have today,' Spillane says."
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Top 10 Stories of 2017, #7: Phil Ivey Loses $19 Million in Court Battles | PokerNews
It was in Oct. 2014 that Judge John Mitting determined that Ivey’s “edge sorting” technique constituted cheating under civil law and he ruled in favor of Crockfords Casino.

Five Supreme Court judges unanimously upheld the Court of Appeal’s decision in Nov. 2017, which meant Crockfords did not have to pay Ivey the £7.8 million he believed he was owed.
5 weeks ago by maoxian

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