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Omeka provides open-source web publishing platforms for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits.
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3 days ago by fjordaan - Deep learning models with demos
In same way developers import 3rd party modules to help with particular tasks, so too will folk import AI models
AI  models  market  gallery 
7 days ago by psychemedia
Is this what AR will look like…?
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8 days ago by psychemedia \ creative code sketches
A curated showcase of creative coding sketches
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8 days ago by andrewn
Really Good UX
A library of screenshots and examples of really good UX. Brought to you by Appcues.
A library of screenshots and examples of really good UX. Brought to you by Appcues.
inspiration  ux  ui  design  gallery  patterns 
8 days ago by michaelfox
Really Good UX
A library of screenshots and examples of really good UX. Brought to you by Appcues.
design  gallery  inspiration  ux  ux-book  ux-library 
8 days ago by joshwayne

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