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💨 650mAh 💨 - gallery inside MIST Vape Shop
650mAh is a gallery inside MIST Vape Shop, Hove founded by Ella Fleck and Tabitha Steinberg
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3 days ago by jbkcc
Nude Girls
Free nude girls photos.
nude  girls  photos  galleries  models  erotic 
15 days ago by subzx
Put your head into gallery
Georgian artist Tezi Gabunia wants to trigger a dialogue about hyper realistic issues in art. His modus operandi is falsification. In his work “put your head into gallery”, Gabunia wanted to bring the galleries and the art to the people, and not the other way around.
art  galleries  museums  photography 
4 weeks ago by terry
Project #ShowUs – Dove
70% of women still don’t feel represented in media & advertising. That’s why Dove is taking action with Girlgaze, Getty Images, and women everywhere to create Project #ShowUs – the world’s largest photo library created by women and non-binary individuals to shatter beauty stereotypes. With over 5000 images, we can offer a more inclusive vision of beauty to all media & advertisers.
databases  galleries  photos  women  non-binary  inclusiveness 
7 weeks ago by DiversePops
Kate Vass Galerie
The Automat und Mensch exhibition is, above all, an opportunity to put important work by generative artists spanning the last 70 years into context by showing it in a single location. By juxtaposing important works like the 1956/’57 oscillograms by Herbert W. Franke (age 91) with the 2018 AI Generated Nude Portrait #1 by contemporary artist Robbie Barrat (age 19), we can see the full history and spectrum of generative art as has never been shown before. 
art  ai  galleries 
8 weeks ago by terry
IBC Galerie Gunzoburg - Überlingen
Die Galerie Gunzoburg wird von Internationalen Bodensee-Club (IBC) ganzjährig angemietet, und gibt damit ihren Mitgliedern die Möglichkeit, ihre Werke auszustellen. Aber auch auswärtige Künstler können sich hier präsentieren. Die Galerie wird durch die Mitglieder des IBC in Eigenverantwortung verwaltet. Der Internationale Bodensee Club (IBC) – - wurde 1950 gegründet und ist eine freie überparteiliche und überkonfessionelle Vereinigung zur Förderung von Kunst und Wissenschaft in den drei Bodensee-Anrainerstaaten.
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9 weeks ago by navegador

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