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RT : Reminder: I'm looking for a PhD student to work in the !

I'll be at so INTERESTED STU…
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23 days ago by jrosenau
Mapping random places . Some islands of the in exaggerated relief.
Data © SRTM.
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I'm hosting this week! If you want to learn about , , , and more, follow alon…
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april 2019 by ebuchholtz
Geology of the Galapagos Islands
I didn't get why this geologist was getting so excited but the basalt plain (second half of the photoset) is remarkable
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january 2019 by mikelynch
Planning a trip to the Galapagos?
Here are 17 amazing Islands animals to watch for on your next trip!…
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october 2018 by
Listen guys, the plan is super simple, if we pretend to be stones, eventually, the humans will leave
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may 2018 by abolibibelot
Oi Oi! Looking for an individual giving position? Got some experience? Come work with us at
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february 2018 by ebuchholtz
Beware the lessons of growing up Galapagos • Remains of the Day
Eugene Wei:
<p>If I weren't in two fantasy football leagues with friends and coworkers, I would not have watched a single game this season, and that's a Leftovers-scale flash-forward twist for a kid who once recorded the Superbowl Shuffle to cassette tape off a local radio broadcast just to practice the lyrics.

If you disregard any historical romantic notions and examine the typical NFL football game, it is mostly dead time (if you watch a cut-down version of a game using Sunday Ticket, only about 30 minutes of a 3 to 3.5 hr game involves actual game action), with the majority of plays involving action of only incremental consequence, whose skill and strategy on display are opaque to most viewers and which are explained poorly by a bunch of middle-aged white men who know little about how to sell the romance of the game to a football neophyte. Several times each week, you might see a player hit so hard that they lie on the ground motionless, or with their hands quivering, foreshadowing a lifetime of pain, memory loss, and depression brought on by irreversible brain damage. If you tried to pitch that show concept just on its structural merits you'd be laughed out of the room in Hollywood.

Cultural products must regenerate themselves for each successive age and generation or risk becoming like opera or the symphony is today…

…I don't trust a bunch of rich old white male owners who grew up in such favorable monopolistic conditions to both understand and adapt in time to rescue the NFL from continued decline in cultural relevance. They are like tortoises who grew up in the Galapagos Islands, shielded on all sides from predators by the ocean, who one day see the moat dry up, connecting them all of a sudden to other continents where an infinite variety of fast-moving predators dwell.</p>
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january 2018 by charlesarthur

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