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不管小说中或者实际生活中,华人仍然基本自成体系。我们的生活戏剧中不太需要白人、黑人、印度人、犹太人、拉丁人扮演重要角色,我们只是上下班经过美国。我们的生存状态或许就跟《纽约时报》本周发表的书评标题一样,“Neither Here Nor There”。他乡难成故乡,故乡已成他乡。
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Bill Callahan
Bill Callahan teaches identity politics and politics of culture at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). His recent work explores the hopes…
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Ecarts segmentaux les plus fréquents - Enseignement/Apprentissage de la Prononciation du Français
Les consonnes
[p], [t], [k], [b], [d], [g]
Les sourdes ne sont pas distinguées des sonores (chinois, allemands,…)
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Kazuo Ishiguro - Nobel Lecture: My Twentieth Century Evening – and Other Small Breakthroughs
As the only foreign boy in the neighbourhood, a kind of local fame followed me around. Other children knew who I was before I met them. Adults who were total strangers to me sometimes addressed me by name in the street or in the local store.

When I look back to this period, and remember it was less than twenty years from the end of a world war in which the Japanese had been their bitter enemies, I'm amazed by the openness and instinctive generosity with which our family was accepted by this ordinary English community. The affection, respect and curiosity I retain to this day for that generation of Britons who came through the Second World War, and built a remarkable new welfare state in its aftermath, derive significantly from my personal experiences from those years.
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异乡人——雷立柏:东西方的对话不只有手机和高铁,还有孔子和柏拉图|一周精选|深度|异乡人|端传媒 Initium Media
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異鄉人——馬立安:在深圳住了二十多年的美國人類學家,為什麼執迷城中村?|端傳媒 Initium Media
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Memories of Thanksgivings Abroad and In Between

I remember tweeting into the void about Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce on the morning of my first Thanksgiving abroad. Nobody who might have cared was up yet.

In it, she writes about realizing, after becoming a foreign correspondent, that the picture she had of America hadn’t been complete—that one hadn’t seen the whole picture of America until one had left the national borders, because the whole picture included foreign interventions, cultural exports, and various modes of thought that were invisible at home.

The agonizing particulars of the Presidential race, which were doubly nerve-wracking to watch from afar, had been hard to explain to inquisitive Spaniards. I craved American company—to be able to dish and spar with some compatriots in the know. So when a group of expats invited me to dinner, I accepted, bringing a bottle of Rioja.

All of these celebrations offered, and birds ritually consumed, have led me to a single, significant conclusion: If it’s true, as my colleague Calvin Trillin long ago suggested, that everything exotic that isn’t chicken tastes like chicken—rattlesnake, ostrich, etc.—the one thing that can be said for certain, on Thanksgiving, is that no matter what you do to it, a turkey will always taste like a turkey.
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异乡人—胡清心:香港,我和你,在最美好的时间点相遇|异乡人|深度|端传媒 Initium Media
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异乡人——三浦研一:在中国演了十八年“日本鬼子”的日本人|一周精选|异乡人|深度|端传媒 Initium Media

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Letter of Recommendation Dunking

Those first few dips completely changed the way I eat at family meals. Part of what won me over was the pleasure of the thing itself: Wine-soaked bread is sharp, puckery and delicious, a double hit of fermented tang.

Rather than yielding to temptation for a second helping of anything, it’s far wiser to melt a bite of Chianti on your tongue instead.

the first time I watched my teacher at weekend Spanish school do the same with pieces of cheese and hot chocolate — a popular Colombian treat — on a recess break, I nearly gagged.
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The unexpected benefits of getting lost in translation | Aeon Ideas
Applying the noisy-channel idea to understanding L2 speakers, we can think of the errors in non-native English as a noisier language model than a native-speaker model. Listeners expect more errors and are therefore more likely to think that L2 speakers mean something sensible when they say something implausible. But if a native speaker says something nonsensical, listeners are more likely to take them literally, because they know their language model has less noise. Kissinger was advising Huffington that, given her accent, listeners would likely give her the benefit of the doubt.
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行·见 | 印象·里昂

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East Goes West

In the life of a Chinese tourist, guides play an especially prominent role—translator, raconteur, and field marshal—and Li projected a calm, seasoned air. He often referred to himself in the third person—Guide Li—and he prided himself on efficiency. Everyone, our watches should be synchronized, he said. It is now 7:16 P.M. He implored us to be five minutes early for every departure. We flew all the way here, he said. Let’s make the most of it.

We might think you could just make a fake card or manipulate the records—no big deal, Li said. But, if you get caught, the fine starts at eighty-eight hundred euros, and they take away your license! That’s the way Europe is. On the surface, it appears to rely on everyone’s self-discipline, but behind it all there are strict laws.

In Europe, he warned, tactfully, Throughout our trip, breakfast will rarely be more than bread, cold ham, milk, and coffee. The bus was silent for a moment.

some of his older travellers used to have a habit of hiding cash in the toilet tank or the ventilation ducts. The worst case I’ve had was a guest who sewed money into the hem of the curtains,

At a Malaysian casino hotel in 2005, some three hundred Chinese visitors were issued special meal coupons bearing cartoon pig faces. The hotel said that the illustrations were simply to differentiate Chinese guests from Muslims, who don’t eat pork, but the offended Chinese tourists staged a sit-in, singing the national anthem.

Handy and Karen kept an eye on every cent. Within a few days, they could tell me exactly how much we’d spent on each bottle of water in five countries.

On average, a Chinese tourist buys more than a thousand dollars’ worth of tax-free stuff abroad—more luxury bags, watches, and designer clothes than any other nationality, including the Japanese, according to Global Blue, the tax-free-shopping refund service. Chinese tourists abroad spend nearly twice as much on shopping as they do on hotel rooms. Several in our group told me how sorry they were that we weren’t stopping at a place called Aotelaise. The name baffled me. Someone explained that it’s a new Chinese word: outlets.

I didn’t sense overwhelming sympathy. The Chinese have been the world’s most abundant migrants, but these days many believe that they have better job prospects at home than abroad.

He was a sanitation specialist by training, and he couldn’t help but notice Milan’s abundant graffiti and overstuffed trash bins. As Li had explained it, The government wants to clean, but it doesn’t have enough money. Handy tried to be polite, but he said, If it was like this in Shanghai, old folks would be calling us all afternoon to complain.

I was struck that, for all his travels, Zhu saw an enduring philosophical divide between China and the West: two different ways of thinking, as he put it. We will use their tools and learn their methods. But, fundamentally, China will always maintain its own way, he said.
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« Appels mystères » pour traquer les discriminations à l’embauche à Bruxelles
Outre-Qiévrain, des inspecteurs pourront utiliser de fausses identités ou procéder à des appels téléphoniques truqués. Le Conseil d’Etat en a validé le principe.
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Multi-National Maid Café Opens in Akihabara
Akihabara is a haven for unique maid cafés, from establishments targeting Russophiles to maid workout partners. A new spot opened on Friday offering a...
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