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Smog doesn't kill like you think it does
Air pollution affects heart/blood vessels way more than lungs.
Good graphs and images.

-- Tomas Talhelm
Smart Air Filters | | 29 mar 2018
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5 weeks ago by tometaxu
Tide Times and Chart for Ko Pha Ngan
other tabs for
Sea Conditions, 7-Day Tide Table, Live Weather, Tide Station Map, Location Guide

Best and clearest chart of several sites i looked at.
[jan 2019]
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10 weeks ago by tometaxu

A Kickstarter to use data to make *a scientifically accurate* 3D map of the Milky…
Gaia  from twitter
december 2018 by shaneisley
The Fall of Gaia, Inc. – David Wilcock’s Resignation Letter, Intellectual Property Theft, Hostile Work Environment & Corey Goodes impending 50-million-dollar lawsuit! – Fade to Light
Since I began writing my investigative reports and articles, such as Meet the Board of Directors of Gaia, Inc., and MK-Ufology, Inc., a number of ufology community members, public figures, and individuals close to Gaia, Inc. employees have approached me with more information and details surrounding the events over the past year. I was also contacted…
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december 2018 by orlin
Gaia 2.0 | Science
According to Lovelock and Margulis's Gaia hypothesis, living things are part of a planetary-scale self-regulating system that has maintained habitable conditions for the past 3.5 billion years (1, 2). Gaia has operated without foresight or planning on the part of organisms, but the evolution of humans and their technology are changing that. Earth has now entered a new epoch called the Anthropocene (3), and humans are beginning to become aware of the global consequences of their actions. As a result, deliberate self-regulation—from personal action to global geoengineering schemes—is either happening or imminently possible. Making such conscious choices to operate within Gaia constitutes a fundamental new state of Gaia, which we call Gaia 2.0. By emphasizing the agency of life-forms and their ability to set goals, Gaia 2.0 may be an effective framework for fostering global sustainability.
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september 2018 by neuezukunft

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