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Oprah Sells Famed Gustav Klimt Portrait for $150 Million | artnet News
"Meanwhile, however, Winfrey was getting pressure to sell: according to Bloomberg, Geffen was approached by art dealer Larry Gagosian, who had a client willing to buy the work. In the ten years Winfrey owned the work, its value increased by 71 percent."
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Jonathan Ive and the Future of Apple - The New Yorker
via Pocket - The Shape of Things to Come - Added January 04, 2016 at 03:29PM
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Charlie Rose - Picasso and Francoise Gilot: Paris-Vallauris, 1943-1953
discussion of exhibition at the Gagosian, Madison Avenue, New York in June 2012
Picasso  Francoise  Gilot  art  exhibitions  Gagosian 
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Henry Moore sculptures venture into great indoors for exhibition | Art and design | The Guardian
Although the ubiquity of Moore's work may have blunted its impact, in the past few years it has been critically reappraised. A Tate retrospective two years ago was well received, while last year the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which features several Moore works, enjoyed its highest number of visitors. Francis said that as a major British artist, Moore was ideal for a show that would run during the Olympics.
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Damien Hirst and the great art market heist | Art and design | The Guardian
This is how it works. A few major collectors make the market. Where they lead, the horde of hedgies follows. Many of the new breed of art investors (not Cohen, who is known to be a man of great taste and exquisite legal representation) have jettisoned even the pretence of connoisseurship. Some of these guys care about the bragging rights that come with a blue-chip work hanging in the loft. Others are all about the numbers, and employ the same tools and decision-making processes to play the art market that they use at work. A few have also discovered that many of the regulatory mechanisms that apply in other markets – preventing insider trading, price-fixing by cartels and sundry other abuses – simply don't exist in the art world. It is possible to game the system in many ways, and the careers of certain artists look not unlike a classical Ponzi scheme, where money from new investors is used to pay returns to those further upstream.
Hari_Kunzru  Gagosian  Damien_Hirst  Nicholas_Serota  Tate_Moderm  Exhibition  2012 
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Damien Hirst, The Complete Spot Paintings, Gagosian Gallery, review - Telegraph
For the kind of people who buy the spot paintings, this is what’s so reassuring about them. They are perfect corporate artworks, ideal for banks, board rooms, and modernist collectors who have no particular knowledge or taste. Cheerful but not cheap, you don’t have to look at them for more than a second or two to get the point. The fact that every corporate collection in the world has one is also a plus. It’s like knowing everyone else at the Tate Modern opening is wearing an Armani suit. Their suit may not be exactly like yours, but you know you are dressed correctly because it’s Armani.
Damien_Hirst  Spot_Paintings  Gagosian  Richard_Dorment  2012  Reviews 
january 2012 by caliban / scene & herd
Hirst’s career tells this story just as bluntly as his art. Like Warhol, Koons, and Murakami, he has met the supertrich, and seems torn between admiration and contempt. These artists know they aren’t any less smart than the speculators (sorry, collectors)—why shouldn’t they be the ones who get paid for their own work, as Robert Rauschenberg, Billy Al Bengston, Richard Serra and many other artists have asked? Frustrated by the money he’s made for others, Hirst wants to master his own market, running his gallery exhibitions and also his auctions. (For a lucid read of the vagaries of the actual Hirst market, see the reliably excellent Sarah Thornton.) Now, of course, as pointed out by David Hockney (who mightn’t be so quick to brag about personally painting his own recent work), Hirst isn’t the one making these paintings, but, in the parlance of the day, they are his intellectual property. In effect, Hirst, Murakami, and Koons run medium-size businesses; exploiting their workers, they are in turn exploited by speculators, who themselves make nothing but money. There’s something slightly pathetic about the artist’s ambition to join their ranks, to be a big man—a painting with a million spots! $100 million for the diamond skull!! Golly!!!—on the scale of the real assholes. But Damien Hirst is not Roman Abramovich (or Margaret Thatcher either, p.s.).
Damien_Hirst  Gagosian  Spot_Paintings  2012  Review  New_York  Katy_Siegel 
january 2012 by caliban
Still dotty about Damien Hirst - Arts & Entertainment - The Independent
You don't understand. This is a really monumental project," exclaims Stefan Ratibor, director of Gagosian in London. As indeed it is.

At the behest of Damien Hirst himself, all 11 Gagosian galleries around the globe are simultaneously showing a selection of his Spot Paintings – a theme he's pursued for quarter of a century and one which David Hockney clearly had in mind when he implicitly accused his younger contemporary of using his assistants to do most of the work. Hirst has teasingly offered a personally signed and dedicated spot print to anyone prepared to fly to every location. The print could well prove the most personal, and certainly the most authored, of all the works.
Damien_Hirst  Spot_Paintings  Gagosian  Review  2012  Adrian_Hamilton 
january 2012 by caliban
Damien Hirst Spot Paintings at Gagosian in 8 Cities - Review -
Thanks to the Gagosian art empire, a ludicrous number of paintings by Damien Hirst are on display right now: 331 of Mr. Hirst’s implacably cheerful “spot” abstractions spread among Gagosian’s 11 galleries in 8 cities on 3 continents.

The good news, of course, is that they’re not all in one place. And none involve dead animals, maggots, encrusted diamonds or vats of formaldehyde. They’re mostly just grids of repeating, neatly made circles, each a different color. How bad can it be?
Roberta_Smith  Damien_Hirst  Gagosian  2012  Reviews  Spot_Paintings 
january 2012 by caliban
How Damien Hirst Took Over the World -- New York Magazine
Damien Hirst is the Elvis of the English art world, its ayatollah, deliverer, and big-thinking entrepreneurial potty-mouthed prophet and front man. Hirst synthesizes punk, Pop Art, Jeff Koons, Marcel Duchamp, Francis Bacon, and Catholicism. He’s the ­working-class hero who as a 23-year-old art student at the University of London’s Goldsmiths college organized “Freeze,” an ­exhibition of his artwork and that of fifteen school chums.

That show, and his own work featuring living flies and maggots, dead butterflies, and cut-up dead animals, de-islandized England, alerting the world that Britain was no longer a second-tier art nation. While Hirst did not act alone, it is almost impossible to imagine the Tate Modern or the “yBa” (young British artists) phenomenon of the nineties without his ambitions and aggression. Or his easy outrages: public drinking and drugging, saying things like “Women smell of kippers,” meeting a curator naked, or tucking a chicken bone into his foreskin at a bar.
Damien_Hirst  Jerry_Saltz  2012  Spot_Paintings  Gagosian 
january 2012 by caliban
Full circle: the endless attraction of Damien Hirst's spot paintings | Art and design | The Guardian
All are structured on the grid. The grid, wrote the US critic Rosalind Krauss, is what art looks like when it turns its back on nature. The pleasures of Hirst's pharmaceutical paintings, as the spots are generically titled, are as artificial as chemicals and drugs. Showing them all over the world at the same time becomes part of their content and meaning: they're infiltrating everywhere, their field expanding to cover the world.
Damien_Hirst  2012  Adrian_Searle  Gagosian  Exhibition  Review  Rosalind_Krauss  Spot_Paintings 
january 2012 by caliban
Damien Hirst's world show gives Britain's global image some colour | Art and design |
Damien Hirst thinks he's Willy Wonka. The artist who gave the world a cow's head being eaten by flies (I don't remember that one being served up in Roald Dahl's novel) has been reported as drawing an analogy between himself and the magical chocolatier. Why? Because Hirst is offering a free personalised spot print to the first person who sees every single one of the 11 exhibitions of spot paintings he is about to open at Gagosian galleries around the world.
Damien_Hirst  Gagosian  Spot_Paintings  Exhibition  2012  Jonathan_Jones 
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