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Oscars: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's 'Shallow' Stuns - The Atlantic
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s live rendition of the duet from A Star Is Born was filmed like a movie—and made viewers feel like voyeurs.
Maybe what made Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performance of “Shallow” so stunning at the Oscars is also what spoiled A Star Is Born’s Best Picture chances: It treated the dinged-up tropes of romance for romance’s sake as something that can still feel new, which is like treating the greeting-card aisle at CVS as the place for the next great American novel. Taking on a third remake of a story that feels more ancient than even the 1937 original, Cooper’s film insisted that intensity, great camerawork, and two perfectly mismatched leads could restore substance to mush. Which is to say, he relied on aesthetic, or on matters of taste. If many viewers drank it up, inevitably some would spit it out.  
The same could be said for Sunday’s supernaturally intimate rendition of “Shallow,” the building-then-boiling duet that would later win Best Original Song. The first brilliant thing that Cooper and Gaga did was break with the loud, fake-y, predictable rhythm of awards shows: After one acceptance speech ended, the guitar-picking began, without so much as a canned joke of a celebrity introduction. Cameras placed viewers at the back of the stage; the curtain lifted; crew members pushed a piano into place. Welding-hot lights from the stands of the theater, seen from a singer’s vantage, evoked the final scene of A Star Is Born. A slow-floating lens searched as if it were God’s eye, or a director’s. The TV gala, it seemed, had ended. A movie was beginning.
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Watch Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Sing “Shallow” For First Time Live | Video | Consequence of Sound
A Star is Born collaborators reunite during Gaga's concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night
Next month, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are expected to take the stage at the Academy Awards to perform their Oscar-nominated song, “Shallow” from A Star is Born, before inevitably returning to the stage to give an acceptance speech after winning Best Original Song. In anticipation, the duo got a chance to rehearse the song live for the first time during Gaga’s concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night.
Cooper watched Gaga’s ENIGMA show from the audience for most of the night, but towards the end of the evening, Gaga brought him on stage to sing his part on “Shallow”. Despite singing the song multiple times in the film, Cooper told the crowd that he had never worn in ears monitors prior to tonight. Watch fan-shot footage of the performance below.
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The Top 100 Greatest Tours of All Time
"I saw them on tour."
Five words that nearly every music fan has uttered.
Seeing a live performer on tour forever links both artist and fan to a particular venue, on a particular date, in a certain moment in time. Sometimes, the tour has a special, personal meaning to the individual fan, like the first time seeing a show with a future spouse. In other instances, a concert tour transcends live events and is a cultural moment.
Vivid Seats and Consequence of Sound explore the tours that were remarkable in quality, impact, influence or attendance. The deciding factor on how to rank and include tours? Asking ourselves, "Would we want to go back in time to check out this show if we had tickets?"
We limited each artist to just one tour, to promote inclusion and diversity, and strived to include tours of various genres and eras. The finished product captures memorable tours that hopefully all music fans can appreciate.
Vivid Seats/Consequence of Sound Top 100 Greatest Tours of All Time
24. Led Zeppelin - North American Tour 1968/1969 (1968-69)
It’s telling that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page can’t leave their homes without being asked about the chances of a Led Zeppelin reunion. It tells us that reporters and fans can’t take a hint, but it also reminds us that Zeppelin, for a time, were as big as any band in the world. Like many iconic bands before and after them, critics didn’t initially get Zeppelin, panning their records as derivative and unimaginative. That’s what makes the group’s earlier tours so intriguing. They had something to prove, and their 1968 North American tour saw them go from supporting bands like Vanilla Fudge, Country Joe & the Fish, and Iron Butterfly to headlining the very same tour, culminating in concerts like one in Boston where the band transformed one album’s worth of material and a handful of popular covers into more than four hours that left everyone spellbound. – Matt Melis
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