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In The Saturated Travel Bag Industry, This Carry-On Is Breaking Crowdfunding Records
Kish Vasnani and Vanessa Jeswani, the duo behind travel accessory company Nomad Lane, LLC., did not plan to set crowdfunding records. via Pocket
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4 days ago by evansthompson
Viewtainer | Cool Tools
Cheap, mini-tool storage
The Viewtainer is an inexpensive, flexible plastic tube with a rubbery cap at both ends. Originally, they were intended to hold small parts (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.). On one end the rubber cap has a slash in it, so when you squeeze the tube, you can dump the parts out. Although these Viewtainers may work well for storing parts, I’ve found that one of the larger Viewtainers, which is about 8″ x 3″, is an awesome mini-toolkit container that’s easy to access and stash. It’s amazing how many different useful (and in some cases, full-size) tools, you can fit into such a tiny container: screwdrivers, sockets, specialty bits, pliers, mini-saws, tire irons, flashlights, and on. I keep one in my car, one in my bike bag, and one in my study on the second floor so I don’t have to run out to the garage every time I need a screwdriver.
-- Sam Mapadatha
(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2007 — editors)
Buy on Amazon
Viewtainer ($4+)
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Erasable highlighters/Smallpdf/Cable management/Best song identifier | Cool Tools
Erasable highlighters
These erasable highlighter pens really work as advertised, at least on non-glossy books. The eraser is smooth and by rubbing on the paper, it produces heat, which causes the highlight mark to vanish completely. — MF
Free PDF editing
My Acrobat Pro maxed out on being able to reduce the size of a PDF. I used Smallpdf to finish the job and it reduced it by half. It’s free to use twice per hour. There’s a lot of other editing features you can you use too. — CD
Cable management
It didn’t take long for my new kitten to discover all the fun cables dangling behind my desk, so I bought these black sleeves to keep them tied together and concealed. Now it looks neat and sleek. I also bought this 50-piece set of velcro cable ties to tidy up all the cords around our house. It’s practically a lifetime supply for only $7. — CD
Best song identifier
I’ve been using the SoundHound smartphone app for years to identify songs, but my 15-year-old told me to switch to Shazam. She’s right, it’s much easier to use the features that I need. My favorite way to use: If I’m in a store or a coffee shop that’s playing unfamiliar music that sounds great, I just press the large button on the screen and it will grab the title and artist of every song and save it for later. I can then easily add the songs to Apple Music (you can also save to Spotify) and save them to my library. — MF
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8 days ago by rgl7194
Behind the Scenes: Shooting Video for ‘All the Things’ – Shawn Blanc
Behind the Scenes: Shooting Video for ‘All the Things’ - Added January 26, 2018 at 02:32PM
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11 days ago by xenocid
It's the future of furniture shopping! Shelves that fit perfectly via !
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11 days ago by dtomoff
Leatherman Micra | Cool Tools
Keychain Size Multitool
I’m a computer geek, both by trade and by lifestyle, so I’ve accumulated several boxes full of tools for disassembling and reassembling all sorts of obscure computer stuff. Since I found the Micra, most of what’s in those boxes sits unused in my office. Smaller than most pocket knives, and with the ability to unfold into a completely handy pair of snips, the stainless steel Micra contains two functional flat-blade drivers (micro and “regular”) and a #2 Phillips-equivalent screwdriver, so I can achieve most anything I need to do inside a server closet or at a customer’s desk. You could opt for the Wave, which features more tools. However, the less expensive Micra is lighter (1.75 vs. 8.5 ounces) and smaller (2.5″ vs. 4″), and overall it’s much more of an urban survival tool. It comes with tweezers, scissors, nail file, and a bottle opener, but the features that make it the most valuable to me are the “Phillips” blade (a flat blade shaped to fit into a Phillips head) and the micro flat driver blade. I’m constantly opening stuff – packages from FedEx (knife,) packages of sunflower kernels (scissors), laptops (micro screwdriver,) data racks (Phillips) and the like. This tool has everything I use on a daily basis in a simple, little package.
-- Steve Sussex
(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2007 — editors)
Buy on Amazon
Leatherman Micra ($29)
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15 days ago by rgl7194
Raymay Pencut Scissors | Cool Tools
Pen style portable scissors
These are scissors, if you can believe it. These are Raymay Pencut scissors from Japan. I got them for around $6 on Amazon. And if you want some for yourself, using the Amazon link in the description helps support my videos and the Cool Tools blog.
It can be handy to have a pair of scissors in your kit, either for travel, or in your car. The problem is that they’re stabby and the handle can be a little bulky.
The Pencut solves both problems by including a cap that snaps in place, and flexible handles that collapse down. The result is a super compact pair of scissors that are safe enough to keep in your pocket.
One other cool feature is that these can be easily adapted for left hand use. These little plugs here on the handle can pop out and be placed on the opposite side, which forces the flexible bit out the other side, reversing the grip.
Now, there are plenty of compromises here. The blade is only 2 inches long. The short handle doesn’t offer much leverage and isn’t exactly comfortable. But if space is a premium I can’t imagine a more compact pair of scissors that are still reasonably useful.
-- Donald Bell
Buy on Amazon
RayMay SH601 B Pen Style Portable Scissors ($6)
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15 days ago by rgl7194
Yellow Jacket 5-Outlet Adapter | Cool Tools
Wall wart solution
This indoor/outdoor 5-outlet adapter ($13) is the best I’ve found for dealing with multiple wall-warts. The outlets are spaced just far enough apart to allow virtually any size wall wart to fit, and you can chain together the adapters (each outlet has five outlets, so every additional one in the chain gives you four more outlets). It’s cheaper than specialty adapters like the PowerSquid, and it’s inherently more organized. If you chain a couple PowerSquids together, you’ve got a mess of extra cords on account of that model’s ‘tentacle’ design. If you daisy chain two Yellow-Jackets together, you’ve got a tidier package.
-- Stephen Malinowski
(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2007 — editors)
Buy it from Amazon
Yellow-Jacket 5 Outlet Adapter ($14)
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15 days ago by rgl7194
Hose Shut-Off | Cool Tools
Easily control water flow
This tool was recommended to me by a neighbor last summer who is Type 1 Diabetic and has mobility issues. This is a simple in-line shutoff valve ($6) that I have found very useful for both gardening and watering, as well as other situations where you need to remotely shut off the water rather than running back and forth to the tap. I have a large yard, but between flower beds and grass areas, a sprinkler system is not practical. I have only one outside tap, so by running a Y ($3) I can run hose in two directions. With the couplers you don’t have to drag hose all over the yard. By coupling with short 6′ hose lengths, I can water and move the hose without doing a lot of running. There are various other similar shutoff valves made of brass, so that is also worth looking at. Just a simple and cheap labor saving device, but at my age, everything helps.
-- Stephen Young
Buy on Amazon
Metal Hose Valve, 1-Way ($6)
Metal Hose Valve, 2-Way ($3)
...I've used these for years - very handy. Just make sure you get the brass ones. The plastic ones don't last long. I also use similar shutoff on the tap itself (where it attaches to the water source). Those also turn on/off in a water turn. And they don't leak - they don't have washers...
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15 days ago by rgl7194

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