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The Best Gadget Bag [Is Sometimes No Bag At All] - YouTube
The Best Gadget Bag [Is Sometimes No Bag At All]
The  Best  Gadget  Bag  No  At  All  evest 
yesterday by kilroy2
Custom Electronic Enclosures for Engineers and Designers
A Quick Tour of Protocase
What Do We Make?

We manufacture custom sheet metal and CNC machined electronic enclosures, mounting hardware, and miscellaneous components. We start from your design, and build them in 2-3 days, with no minimum order requirements. Products are built from your choice of aluminum, copper, steel, stainless, or galvanized, and are fully finished, including fasteners, hardware, welding, powdercoating, and silkscreen.

Our Customers

Experienced sheet metal designers

Protocase makes life easier for experienced designers. Submit your CAD design by email or via our convenient web form, and you will receive a quote typically on the same day (24 hours maximum), and we'll build it for you in 2-3 days. Use our design services to help you through busy periods, or save time by using our free enclosure template generator and Protocase Designer software.

Other engineers, scientists, and technologists who build electronics

If you design and build electronics, but don't have expertise in sheet metal design, you can enjoy the benefits of professional quality custom enclosures by using our super-simple processes. Our expert designers can quickly and cost effectively create a design for you, starting from as little as a rough sketch or components. Our Protocase Designer 3D enclosure CAD software and online enclosure template generator are free, easy to learn, and fast to use.
design  quality  shopping  IT/hardware  industrial  Designer's  gadget 
3 days ago by suimong
Muse is a simple dedicated Amazon Alexa add-on for the car
Want to bring Alexa into your vehicle? You now have a few options, including a new $49.99 accessory from voice tech company Speak Music, which is launching Muse, essentially a Bluetooth-enabled Amazon Echo for the car.
ss  gadget 
5 days ago by seaugust
Furbo unveils treat-tossing dog camera with smart alerts, like when your dog is pacing
Furbo is calling this the “first AI-powered dog camera,” which uses machine learning and computer vision to detect when your dog is chewing, pacing back and forth, or playing with another pup. Furbo will also automatically take a photo of your pup when it’s looking at the camera and let you know when a human (like a dog-walker or puppy thief) comes into view.
ss  camera  gadget 
5 days ago by seaugust
SPINX - World's First Toilet Cleaning Robot by SpinX — Kickstarter
Say goodbye to your old brush. SPINX is a fully automatic toilet cleaning robot.
ss  crowd  gadget 
11 days ago by seaugust
Kurrent is an iPhone X charging physical alarm clock (for Galaxy S8 too!)
Kube is known in the hotel industry as a key player in the alarm clock business. Guests at Starwood, The Ritz-Carlton, W Hotels, Marriott, and Hyatt hotels all have Kube devices on their nightstands right this minute.
ss  gadget 
11 days ago by seaugust
nCube Home for a truly Smart Home – nCube Smart Home
nCube is a smart home platform that makes home automation simple at users’ fingertips connecting all your smart devices together in one single and intuitive app
HomeAutomation  Gadget  PhilipsHue  SONOS 
12 days ago by olfuerniss
Mighty | iPod Suffle for Spotify
Mighty is the first device that plays your streaming music, like Spotify, on-the-go without a smartphone. Join the Mighty Movement.
Bluetooth  Spotify  Gadget  @UNSORTED 
13 days ago by olfuerniss

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