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Anker Packed a Shockingly Decent Portable Cinema Into a Soda Can
The Nebula Capsule is both a projector and a 360 degree Bluetooth speaker, crammed into a case that’s roughly the size and shape of a soda can.
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2 days ago by seaugust
Коллективный самоспасатель Самоспас | Самоспас - интернет-магазин спасательного оборудования
Самоспас - канатно-спускное устройство пожарное автоматическое, предназначенное для экстренной эвакуации людей из зданий и других высотных сооружений в аварийной ситуации.
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2 days ago by some_hren
The BecDot is a toy that helps teach vision-impaired kids to read braille
Right now the BecDot is only in prototype phase, but the Lacourses sounded optimistic during CES, when I met with them. They’d been selected for a reward and exhibition by Not Impossible, an organization that creates and advocates for tech in the humanitarian space.
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3 days ago by seaugust
Colgate Teams with Apple for Its First Smart Toothbrush
By utilizing the companion app, users will be able to track brushing habits, map out their mouths, learn new brushing techniques, and even play games.
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3 days ago by seaugust
ABOUT US | ACTON Official Store
ACTON is the leading smart, personal transportation company. We’re located in Silicon Valley, California. The goal of ACTON is to make transportation so fun and intuitive that it feels like a part of your body. We are reimagining the infinite possibilities in everyday personal transportation and invite you to join us on the adventure!
smart  gadget  company  startup 
3 days ago by gugelproductions
My Passport Wireless Pro - Portable Hard Drive | Western Digital (WD)
High-capacity, wireless mobile storage, My Passport Wireless Pro portable wireless hard drive helps professional photographers and videographers easily streamline the creative workflow.
@UNSORTED  gadget  photography 
5 days ago by olfuerniss
GNARBOX - Backup, edit and share HD footage, laptop free.
GNARBOX allows you to backup, edit and share footage from any camera (from GoPro's and DSLR's)... all from your phone.
@UNSORTED  gadget  photography 
6 days ago by olfuerniss
DeskView - The World's First Window Mounted Adjustable Standing Desk.
DeskView is the first window mounted, adjustable standing desk. Great for the office, home or co-working space. DeskView is extremely portable!
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7 days ago by olfuerniss

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