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you're my holy wine - tosca1390 - Hidden Legacy Series - Ilona Andrews [Archive of Our Own]
I’m staying at Rogan’s tonight, Nevada texts the family group message as Connor drives them back from his mother’s house in the greying late afternoon.

Oooooooooh Arabella texts back.

Stop it, Nevada replies, huffing out a breath. I’ll be back by lunch.
t:fic  f:hiddenlegacy  p:nevada/connor  f:rarefandom  g:pwp 
29 days ago by partypaprika
That Kind of Girl - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
I couldn’t believe he’d done that. That was definitely not the sort of thing nice guys did to their girlfriends. Then again, John Marcone was not a nice guy, exhibit 5000.

And I was not his girlfriend.
t:fic  f:dresdenfiles  p:dresden/marcone  r:nc-17  g:pwp 
8 weeks ago by partypaprika
The One in Which Crowley Discovers Wanking - for_autumn_i_am - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It began, like most memorable events in Crowley’s life did, with a bad decision; like most bad decisions, it involved poor impulse control and copious amounts of alcohol. The Antichrist had been born, and he put on lipstick and kitten heels to deal with it, but knew that the clock was ticking, and at times when time was slipping away, it helped to hold onto a bottle of gin.
-fic  p:Aziraphale/Crowley  r:nc-17  l:one-shot  g:pwp  #masturbation  +first-time  *I-don't-even-know  f:good-omens 
july 2019 by oxymora
One Dude's Tiefling
Beau has a not-so-little problem while in her "dude tiefling" form, and Jester offers to help out, because that's what friends are for.
a:hopelessbiromantic  f:criticalrole  p:beau/jester  g:pwp  t:friends-to-lovers  t:pining  k:masturbation  k:public-sex  k:bathroom-sex  r:nc17  wc:5-10k 
may 2019 by ordinaryink
[VENOM] Outside In by crookedfingers
Any healthy relationship requires some variety.

[top tier HILARIOUS smut]
f:venom  p:eddie/venom  l:under5k  g:pwp 
february 2019 by artenon
[VENOM] Mine Is Yours by darlingred1
Eddie had no illusions about what he was. A loser, yes. A guy who fell for anyone who gave him the time of day, definitely.

A shameless, touch-starved, and kinda slutty bottom who sucked up any pleasure his partner gave him and happily begged for more, oh absolutely.

(And Venom, it turns out, is all of these things too.)

f:venom  p:eddie/venom  l:under5k  g:pwp 
february 2019 by artenon
midnight into morning coffee
Part 2 of the guys my age series

There's something about Keith that makes Shiro want it to work, want to see if this tentative thing between them could become something more if they let it grow. Maybe it's the way Keith looks in his bed, or the way his pinky finger sticks up as he drinks coffee.

There's one problem.
a:starboykeith  v:guys-my-age  f:voltron  p:keith/shiro  k:age-difference  k:daddy  k:frottage  g:au  g:pwp  wc:1-5k  t:morning-after 
august 2018 by ordinaryink
guys my age
Part 1 of the guys my age series

He's done the whole teenager thing – the sloppy makeouts, messy handjobs in the back of a car – but fumbling fingers and someone who comes ten seconds after Keith gets his hands on them isn't what he wants.

Guys his age don't know how to treat him, so Keith finds Shiro in a bar.
a:starboykeith  f:voltron  p:keith/shiro  wc:5-10k  v:guys-my-age  k:size  k:blowjobs  k:daddy  t:first-meetings  t:first-time  k:multiple-orgasms  k:age-difference  r:nc17  g:au  g:pwp 
august 2018 by ordinaryink
Cherries & Whiskey
Oh no, he’s hot.

The thought was dangerous. An open flame to a drum of gasoline that had already been teetering dangerously, threatening to spill its noxious liquids all over the ground. Keith had always known the captain of the football team would be attractive. Wasn’t it a prerequisite for the job?

Great with balls, capable hands, good looks so American they would make the founding fathers weep.

Or something to that effect. From what he knew of Garrison University’s star QB, #12 Takashi Shirogane, he filled each requirement the same way he was currently filling the athletic shirt he wore. Adequately and much to Keith’s satisfaction.
a:olddarkmachine  p:keith/shiro  f:voltron  wc:1-5k  t:college/universities  t:sports  t:football  k:semipublic-sex  k:blowjobs  k:handjobs  t:banter/flirting  t:first-meetings  k:car-sex  r:nc17  g:au  g:pwp 
july 2018 by ordinaryink
[HQ!!] A Friendly Dinner by Marks
It was possible Kageyama had a public thing. It was possible Tsukishima liked exploiting that, or maybe he had a public thing, too. Whatever it was, it was over now, and Tsukishima looked pretty relaxed about it.

[hell yeah this is some good kagetsuki shit]
f:haikyuu!!  p:tsukishima/kageyama  l:under5k  g:pwp  t:futurefic 
june 2018 by artenon
bring it home to you baby
By accident, Shiro runs into Keith, and opens up his wallet.

(And his heart.)
a:tagteamme  f:voltron  p:keith/shiro  wc:60-70k  t:sugar-daddy  k:daddy  g:au  g:pwp  r:nc17  k:car-sex  k:office-sex  k:closet-sex  k:bondage  k:spanking  k:blowjobs 
june 2018 by ordinaryink
to go, to follow, to kneel at your feet
They think it will be funny to leave him with a Galra in heat.
It whimpers. It's a sound of pure pain, one Shiro's heard a hundred times now in the arena. The sound of something wounded and helpless; the sound of something that knows it.

"Are you hurt?" Shiro asks in the bare silence of the cell, and moves a few steps closer.

The creature on the floor twitches violently at his voice. It's not dressed like the other prisoners. It's hard to tell in the poor lighting but the back of its skin-tight suit is glowing in circuits, the same purple he's come to associate with the Galra. "I won't hurt you," he says, softer.

It doesn't make a sound but its back arches, head lifting from the floor, dragging black hair along the floor. It's dripping wet with blood or sweat. Shiro realizes the small sound he's barely been registering is breath—it's panting. It rolls, just enough to eye Shiro through its dark bangs.

He. It's a boy, and he's beautiful.
a:arahir  f:voltron  p:keith/shiro  wc:10-15k  r:nc17  t:fuck-or-die  t:captivity  g:pwp  g:au 
june 2018 by ordinaryink
Wedding Night - plumeria47 - The Watchmaker of Filigree Street - Natasha Pulley [Archive of Our Own]
Missing scene: between when Grace leaves Thaniel at Mori's place, and the clearly post-coital moment when Mori realizes that Grace is planning something
t:fic  f:thewatchmakeroffiligreestreet  p:thaniel/keita  f:rarefandom  g:pwp 
january 2018 by partypaprika
sophia-helix - A La Danseur

flammablehat said:
hahahaahaha for the meme - viktor/yuuri, 8. “Do you think they like me?” “I like you so it doesn’t matter.” “Wait what?” “What?”

Because what’s the point of shipping two figure skaters if they don’t get up to ridiculously athletic and bendy sex?
-fic  f:yuri-on-ice  p:viktor/yuuri  l:one-shot  r:nc-17  g:pwp  *fans-self*  +first-time  #alcohol  a:sophiahelix 
november 2017 by oxymora
and it's a long way forward, so trust in me - shadhahvar - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]

Victor and Yuuri get caught up in a snowstorm trying to cross the mountains at the start of their winter holiday, spending a night and early morning in a motel room in the middle of nowhere. That's it. That's the premise. Sex, perhaps unsurprisingly, ensues.
-fic  f:yuri-on-ice  p:viktor/yuuri  l:one-shot  r:nc-17  g:fluff  g:pwp  +established  *awwww  #snowed-in  a:shadhahvar 
november 2017 by oxymora
sing me like a choir - casscaixn - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]

Yuuri wakes up with Victor Nikiforov in his arms, and makes the unwitting decision to make the most of his rest day.

i hope you guys enjoy this entirely self-indulgent 10k mess of Victor being fucked and also very deeply loved.
-fic  f:yuri-on-ice  p:viktor/yuuri  l:one-shot  r:nc-17  g:pwp  +established  a:casscaixn  *yes_good  #d/s 
november 2017 by oxymora
cryingoverspilledvodka, lucycamui - Hasetsu Nights

Victor and Yuuri enjoy the summer festival in Hasetsu. Where Yuuri can't resist the treats of the festival, Victor gives in entirely to his own favourite indulgence.
-fic  f:yuri-on-ice  p:viktor/yuuri  l:one-shot  a:lucycamui  a:cryingoverspilledvodka  r:nc-17  g:fluff  g:pwp  +established 
november 2017 by oxymora
stardropdream - I Need To Get Somewhere Soon

When Yuuri gets an injury that cuts practice short, Victor determined to let Yuuri rest. Yuuri disagrees with the decision.

Originally written for a request on tumblr for bottom Yuuri which I then just turned into Power Bottom Yuuri because yes lol. aka "Victor tells Yuuri to stop practicing and Yuuri goes 'welp, gotta get my exercise elsewhere, then.'"
-fic  f:yuri-on-ice  p:viktor/yuuri  l:one-shot  g:pwp  r:nc-17  *spot-on-characterisation  #hurt/comfort  #sex-is-always-the-solution  a:stardropdream 
october 2017 by oxymora
sophiahelix - restraint resistance release

“I've never asked you to wear the jinbei in bed,” Victor says, plaintively.

Yuuri lifts his head, eyes still sparkling. “True,” he says. “You never leave it on me long enough.”

Thanks to pearl-o for the following prompt: “a kiss because I have literally been watching you all night and I can’t take anymore.”

Too-impatient-for-lube sex
-fic  f:yuri-on-ice  g:pwp  r:nc-17  l:one-shot  p:viktor/yuuri  +established  #st-petersburg  a:sophiahelix 
october 2017 by oxymora

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