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So You Need To Get Into A.Z. Fell & Co.; Now What? (A Guide For Unfortunate Bookworms) - arkhamcycle - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
London’s antique enthusiasts and rare lit nerds alike know that if you’re looking for a specific vintage or antique book, you have a good chance of ending up in A.Z. Fell & Co. as a last resort. And if you’ve ever been in (or are currently in) this predicament, you know how much of an absolute nightmare it is trying to even get in the door. Luckily, this handy guide, the fruit of a months-long collaborative effort to create the perfect formula for gaming the A.Z. Fell system, will tell you everything you need to know, complete with a comprehensive breakdown of what, exactly, the opening hours are. Compiled by pageknight and inky of the Rare Antique Forums.
t:fic  f:goodomens  g:gen  g:outsiderpov 
23 days ago by partypaprika
How to Make a Team | by Pleasedial123
A different Team Seven, in which Kakashi becomes a teacher and everything changes.
t:fanfic  t:series  a:Pleasedial123  f:naruto  g:gen  r:?  w:50k-100k  s:wip  s:part-done  u:07/19 
24 days ago by Nia_River
Beyond the Breaking Point | by FalconLux
Certain that he’d been about to die, Harry is mystified to find himself alive and healthy, and somehow in 1981. Disillusioned to Dumbledore’s meddling in his life, when he discovers his fifteen-month-old self in a basket on the Dursleys’ doorstep, Harry does the only thing he can. He takes the child with him.

WARNING: This story is a W.I.P. It is not finished. It may never be finished. Updates will be sporadic. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
t:fanfic  a:FalconLux  f:harry·potter  g:gen  r:m  w:50k-100k  s:abandoned 
24 days ago by Nia_River
for gold and rust (for diamonds and dust) | blackkat
Kiba's probably the only emotionally well-adjusted member of the Konoha 12, and he's been aware of that for a while. He never thought that would qualify him for /time travel/, though.
t:fanfic  a:blackkat  f:naruto  g:gen  g:slash  p:kakashi/kiba  p:kiba/sasuke  r:t  w:10k-25k  s:wip  u:10/18 
25 days ago by Nia_River
My Kingdom Is As Great | by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Toby Williams is a wizard. With that revelation, Sarah is plunged back into the world of magic.
t:fanfic  t:series  a:TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel  f:labyrinth  g:het  g:gen  p:jareth/sarah  r:m  w:25k-50k  s:complete 
26 days ago by Nia_River
Twelve Matches: One Fuji Never Played, and Eleven He Did by Lys ap Adin (lysapadin)
Twelve tennis matches can change everything.

[This is so good to me. Fuji will never be able to slack off like he used to. Funny and very on the nose.]
f:tenipuri  g:gen  g:futurefic  c:fuji-shusuke  c:tezuka-kunimitsu  c:tachibana-kippei  a:lysapadin  via:margrave 
11 weeks ago by danielle_leigh1
The raccoon, the aunt, and the CEO by elphierix
"In the days after the snap, unexpected friendships are formed and surprising revelations are had.


Rocket finally sees a fucking raccoon."
f:mcu  f:guardiansofthegalaxy  g:gen  f:ironman  f:avengers  c:pepper-potts  c:rocket 
march 2019 by margrave
the identity crisis of one nicholas j. fury by sevenfoxes
All the things Goose has eaten and the all the things people have called Nicholas J. Fury, with or without his consent."
f:captainmarvel  f:mcu  g:gen  c:nick-fury  c:goose-cat 
march 2019 by margrave
by any other name by hinn_raven
"The Kree call her Vers, the Skrull call her Marvel, Maria calls her Carol, and Fury calls her Danvers.

In the end, they're all one and the same.

Carol and names, over the years."
f:captainmarvel  f:mcu  g:gen  c:carol-danvers 
march 2019 by margrave
Five (or, a lot can change in a year) | by Karaii
This is a Kakashi-centric fan comic centering around the events that occurred when Kakashi was five years old, from his early graduation to his father’s suicide.

Please note that this is a story about a child soldier living in a world where being raised for war is commonplace, so there is a global content warning for this sort of child abuse, gore/violence, and death.

[alt-url: http://archiveofourown.org/works/13705014/ (partial)]
t:fanart  t:comic  a:Karaii  f:naruto  g:gen  r:t  s:wip  u:09/18 
february 2019 by Nia_River
to experience incredible things | by dragonyfox
"Happiness is a hound dog in the sun. We aren't on this earth to be happy, but to experience incredible things." - Hannah Schneider


Kakashi caught his breath and pretended like he was just thinking about what to say. His dogs saw through it. “I’m thinking of having my team sign the dog contract.”

Pakkun nodded thoughtfully. “That might piss off some powerful people, boss.”
t:fanfic  t:series  a:dragonyfox  f:naruto  g:gen  g:poly  g:het  g:slash  p:naruto/sakura/sasuke  r:t  w:50k-100k  s:wip  s:part-done  u:01/19 
february 2019 by Nia_River
Avalanche | by wynnebat
"It's possible my students are demons sent to torture me for my sins," Kakashi sighs, drink in hand.

Gai pats him on the back. "You'll be fine, my friend."

"They're punctual, Gai. /Punctual/."
t:fanfic  a:wynnebat  f:naruto  g:gen  r:t  w:5k-10k  s:wip  u:02/18 
february 2019 by Nia_River
A Collector's Guide to Caring for Your Pets | by Ourliazo
Kyouya is seven years old and enjoys making herbivores spontaneously combust. (In which Kyouya collects flame active children because the colours are pretty. By the time someone notices it's already far too late.)

[alt-url: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/12196334]
t:fanfic  a:Ourliazo  f:reborn  g:gen  r:g  w:10k-25k  s:wip  u:02/19 
february 2019 by Nia_River
Aioka: A Career Genin | by UncertainAngel
When the term Career Genin comes up in casual conversation, it is often tied to failures and ninja-wanna-be’s. It is spoken with pity and undertones of dismissal by other shinobi. They were the ranks that other shinobi were thankful they were not apart of and were considered as useless individuals.

To Aioka, the Genin Corp was a gold mine of untapped potential. While most saw a cest pool of stagnation and misery, she saw talent waiting to be directed. Watch as an orphan from Tsuchi no Kuni, reforms Konoha by building up those who've lost hope.

[alt-url: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/12812766]
f:fanfic  a:UncertainAngel  f:naruto  g:gen  r:g  w:50k-100k  s:wip  u:10/18 
february 2019 by Nia_River
a blaze held in hand | by PandaFlower
Tobirama is elbow deep in a stealth mission in Wind Country when he runs into a shinobi squad toting a stolen Uchiha child. Tobirama disapproves.
t:fanfic  t:series  f:naruto  g:gen  r:t  w:10k-25k  s:complete 
february 2019 by Nia_River
Say Boys Don't You See Them Bones | by Adel Mortescryche
In which Tsuna’s the Corpse Whisperer.

(Or: In the months he spends at the Varia Compound at Timoteo’s behest, Tsuna manages to stumble across enough forgotten dead bodies to fill entire cemeteries. And everyone is terribly amused. Except, y’know, for him.)

[alt-url: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/11948800]
t:fanfic  a:Adel·Mortescryche  f:reborn  g:gen  r:t  w:5k-10k  s:complete 
february 2019 by Nia_River
The Thing About Ghost Stories - Naomi Kritzer
It feels like ghost stories should mean something, but it’s not at all clear what. I managed to get about a hundred pages out of the question, “What do these mean, anyway?” when I wrote my doctoral dissertation to get my PhD in Folklore, all without reaching an actual conclusion. My mother helpfully pointed that out when she read the manuscript.

“If I give them a real answer, they’ll just complain about it,” I said.

“So just tell me, Leah,” she said. “What do you think ghost stories mean?”

“I think they’re the manifestation of people’s desire for answers about death and eternity,” I said. “But I could be totally wrong, especially since there’s a whole category of ghost stories that don’t seem to have anything to do with identifiable dead people.”
t:fiction  g:gen  s:supernatural  via:thatspotonthe_t  g:original  f:original 
january 2019 by partypaprika
The Richest Men In Town - copperbadge - It's a Wonderful Life (1946) [Archive of Our Own]
George Bailey, a year after meeting the angel Clarence (second-class), gets a message from Clarence via an unlikely third party: H.F. Potter.
t:fic  f:itsawonderfullife  g:gen  f:rarefandom 
january 2019 by partypaprika
Learning To See A Future - genarti - The Blue Sword - Robin McKinley [Archive of Our Own]
It is not an enviable position, being a bridge, particularly a bridge with visions. But sometimes, to build the future, that's what you need.

Or: Harry and Corlath's daughter comes to Istan.
t:fic  f:thebluesword  g:gen  g:postcanon 
january 2019 by partypaprika
The First Annual Defenders Secret Santa - Sholio - The Defenders (Marvel TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"You want to do what, now."

"Secret Santa," Danny says, grinning hopefully at Jessica as he shakes a coffee cup at her. "I mean, we're all friends now --" Debatable, Jessica thinks. "-- and we're all here in New York this year and alive --" with a glance at Matt, "-- and that's never really happened before, so I put all our names in this cup. Pick one?"
t:fic  f:thedefenders  g:gen  g:yuletide  g:short 
january 2019 by partypaprika

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