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Some gotchas about Unicode that EVERY programmer should know
Do normalize text that is cross-checked or visually compared, such as names. Do not normalize bodies of text, such as blog posts or status messages. Use UTF-8 when you have the choice. Use collations if non-English sorting is required. Fuzz test!
unicode  normalization  security  programming  fuzzing 
2 days ago by dlkinney
GitHub - phikshun/ufuzz: Universal Plug and Fuzz

UFuzz, or Universal Plug and Fuzz, is an automatic UPnP fuzzing tool. It will enumerate all UPnP endpoints on the network, find the available services and fuzz them. It also has the capability to fuzz HTTP using Burp proxy logs.
upnp  fuzzing 
2 days ago by whip_lash
google/clusterfuzz: All your bug are belong to us.
All your bug are belong to us. Contribute to google/clusterfuzz development by creating an account on GitHub.
google  python  testing  Security  fuzzing  cluster  distributed  fuzzer  opensource 
14 days ago by omen

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