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25 Years of WIRED Predictions: Why the Future Never Arrives | WIRED
At the same time, an animating tension has always run through the magazine, one that stretches all the way back to Schrage’s 1994 essay. The cover loudly suggests the death of the analog order; the text anticipates how the old order will adapt, graft itself onto the digital revolution, and alter its trajectory. Cutting against the magazine’s exuberance—but also propelled along by it—is a heretical strain of ­gimlet-eyed, anxious ambivalence about who will pay for the future.
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yesterday by perich
Explainable Artificial Intelligence
New machine-learning systems will have the ability to explain their rationale, characterize their strengths and weaknesses, and convey an understanding of how they will behave in the future. The strategy for achieving that goal is to develop new or modified machine-learning techniques that will produce more explainable models. These models will be combined with state-of-the-art human-computer interface techniques capable of translating models into understandable and useful explanation dialogues for the end user (Figure 2). Our strategy is to pursue a variety of techniques in order to generate a portfolio of methods that will provide future developers with a range of design options covering the performance-versus-explainability trade space.
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World without Antibiotics | Public Books
Rather than sealing rifts, progress seems predictably to embolden preexisting fractures across lines of geography, race, class, and gender. In the London of Surgeon X, there are more than a hundred amputations a week, pharmacies are robbed for vital medications, and the poor use second-hand prosthetics that don’t quite fit. The kind of therapy available in the world envisioned by Kenney begins to look an awful lot like battlefield medicine, in which limited time and resources require salvage operations to prevent the loss of limbs or life, but not always both.
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5 days ago by Vaguery
Long-Term Trajectories of Human Civilization
Purpose: This paper formalizes long-term trajectories of human civilization as a
scientific and ethical field of study. The long-term trajectory of human civilization can be
defined as the path that human civilization takes during the entire future time period in
which human civilization could continue to exist.
Approach: We focus on four types of trajectories: status quo trajectories, in which
human civilization persists in a state broadly similar to its current state into the distant
future; catastrophe trajectories, in which one or more events cause significant harm to
human civilization; technological transformation trajectories, in which radical
technological breakthroughs put human civilization on a fundamentally different course;
and astronomical trajectories, in which human civilization expands beyond its home
planet and into the accessible portions of the cosmos.
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12 days ago by bryanalexander
We Can Now Easily 3D Print With Metal
Researchers from Yale University think they’ve found a way to make 3D printing metal objects easier than ever before. They published their study in the journal Materials Today on Tuesday.
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14 days ago by cyberchucktx
"Western Melancholy" / How to Imagine Different Futures in the "Real World"? | interakcije
"The new context and the trends require different educational methods. Unfortunately, new approaches often tend to focus only on the new market concepts, “knowledge economy“ and media specificities linked to the digital media without taking into consideration reflections of the profession, political activism or consequences of design activities. Therefore, workshops and accompanying discursive activities and exhibitions fundamentally aim to provoke reflection on design as a profession as well as induce critical thinking and engagement in the local context but also to provide tools and skills for activation, i.e. achievement of concrete changes in the world around us."
a whole lotta links, more of a reference list then a coherent essay

as @bruces notes, it sure isn't going to be just "western"
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23 days ago by mechazoidal
Opinion | Beware Rich People Who Say They Want to Change the World - The New York Times
Society’s winners can seem so generous, until you consider what they’re really selling. “Change the world” has long been the cry of the oppressed. But in recent years world-changing has been co-opted by the rich and the powerful.
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23 days ago by therourke
I was reading the excellent book MARS BY 1980 (UK) (US) in bed last night and this term just popped into my head as I was circling sleep. I had to do that thing where you repeat it in your head twenty times so that I’d remember it in the morning. I have no idea what refuture or refuturing really means, except that “refuturing” connects it in my mind with “rewilding.” The sense of creating new immediate futures and repopulating the futures space with something entirely divorced from the previous consensus futures.

Refuture. Refuturing. I don’t know. I wanted to write it down before it went away.

Which I guess is what we do with ideas about the future anyway.
24 days ago by ayjay

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