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Stop Shouting Future, Start Doing It – Superflux – Medium
Whilst researching Better Care Systems for a project we are currently working on with Doteveryone, I came across the work of economist and feminist Nancy Folbre. via Pocket
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3 days ago by thewavingcat
BBC Radio 3 - Free Thinking, Street Culture, Protests, Food, Edouard Louis
French writer Edouard Louis about his involvement with the gilet jaunes movement
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9 days ago by tim.dublin
Home - Sifted
Sifted is bringing a distinctive European voice to the global tech debate. We are in beta, so go easy on us.
14 days ago by tim.dublin
scylladb/seastar: High performance server-side application framework
High performance server-side application framework - scylladb/seastar
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4 weeks ago by jbkcc

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