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6 fashion jobs created by the circular economy - Vogue Business Talent
Luxury consignment retailers build their reputations — and their client bases — on the quality of their stock. For that, they need individuals whose job is to ensure that only genuine labels make the cut. Before an item is hosted online, authenticators determine an item’s credibility by checking everything from minute stitching detail to ensuring that colours align with the exact colours produced that season. A degree in fashion design or art history is desirable; an eye for detail and an encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion or gemology are a must. Look at leading consignment sites such as The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective and ThredUp for opportunities. 
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RT : Short interview video: is becoming a much bigger challenge then globalisation - the solut…
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How to design an office where most workers are remote
Not every company is nearly remote, like Basecamp. Others, like software company Atlassian, have smaller numbers of remote employees—the team that is responsible for the company’s popular Trello app is 70% remote—and operate a host of offices that many people travel to on a regular basis. That means that a lot of collaboration is happening in conference rooms, using video conferencing software.
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It's day today at . Last month we were interviewed by about how worker ownershi…
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How I learned the importance of diversity and inclusion
And then it all switched. I realised that it doesn’t matter whether it was “by design” or not. The simple point is, if you lack diversity of any kind at a senior level, then the views of the less-represented groups aren’t being heard at the decision-making table. If you lack diversity of any kind generally, then they’re pretty much not going to get heard at all, which makes it even harder to implement the behaviours that support equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. And in either case the business certainly isn’t going to benefit from their different, but potentially highly valuable or creative, viewpoints.
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Impressions from , is as knowledgeable on policy ideas on the . Comes off as r…
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