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all flowers in time - lastwingedthing - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
The consolations of possession.

|| delightful oblivious tharkay and pining laurence, for a change
fic  f:Temeraire  slash  s:Laurence/Tharkay  futurefic  getting-together  explicit  'ao3 
yesterday by esther_a
skin-deep - scesisonomaton - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
half a life spent in the service will leave its marks, and so will being a spy? secret agent? sneaky person?
fic  f:Temeraire  slash  s:Laurence/Tharkay  futurefic  established_relationship  'ao3 
3 days ago by esther_a
Long Off Skies
30,700 words | Bucky’s daily circuit, without fail, takes him to the small plot of land where Steve is buried. Brooklyn’s ghostly ruins are the perfect setting for the once proud tombstone, now battered and sloping from wind and grit.

Sometime in the future, Earth has been left uninhabitable after a long alien war. The few humans remaining fled to the skies, leaving only Bucky Barnes behind to monitor the dying planet.

Then, a very much alive Steve Rogers crash lands at his front door.
steve/bucky  futurefic  angst  author:eyres  20-40 
3 days ago by gekko11
A Joyful Phrase (I Do) - hapakitsune
“Get married,” Taehyung said.

The interviewer’s eyebrows went up at that. “Married?” she asked, looking to Namjoon for confirmation.

“Yeah,” Taehyung said before switching to Korean to say, “Like in the movies, you know how people come to Vegas and get married? The Hangover? None of us have ever gotten married here! It’s such a waste!”

[i think hk is always kind of hit or miss for me? so this is good, but the misses are mixed in pretty well with the hits.]
bts  fic  futurefic  vmin  namgi 
8 days ago by melodiousb
The Road Not Taken
“The question being,” said Nightingale, “if you’re really a sergeant, and a wizard, and part of the Folly – where’s Commander Grant?”

“Fucked if I know,” I said. “All I did was walk in my own back door.”
RiversOfLondon  PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  25-50  Slash  AU  FutureFic  ParallelUniverse  oblivious/pining  Author:Sixthlight 
8 days ago by LilyC
Wizardry By Consent
Fifteen years after a headless body was discovered in Covent Garden, Thomas Nightingale is still the last wizard in Britain, and Peter Grant, newly appointed Commander for Community Engagement in the Metropolitan Police Service, has just learned the truth about the existence of the Folly.

He has one or two questions.
RiversOfLondon  PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  75-100  Slash  AU  FutureFic  Politics  Author:Sixthlight  Awesome 
9 days ago by LilyC
Walk the Line - thecouchsofa
[The one where Draco sees himself and Harry in the mirror of erised and doesn't know what it means]

"“Nothing’s happened,” Draco replied. “I just thought you might’ve charmed something down there, is all.”

“Not that I know of,” Potter said. He smiled at Draco, the corners of his mouth turning up. “Has it gone a bit mental again? It did that a few times back in fifth year, but I thought it wasn’t working at all anymore?”

“It’s not. There’s a mirror,” Draco said, brow furrowing as he explained. “I keep seeing you in it, so I thought someone might have charmed it to do that. My mistake.”

“A mirror?” Potter asked. “What kind? Is it dangerous?”

“Uh, it’s big,” Draco said, glancing away and back to Potter. “Looks a little out of date. There’s some carvings around the edge, but I can’t read them. That’s about it, I suppose. It doesn’t seem dangerous, but who am I to judge that?” Draco gave a harsh laugh, staring at the floor.

Potter didn’t say anything for a moment, just blinked at Draco with wide eyes. “And you keep seeing me in the mirror?”"
hp  hp:harry/draco  thecouchsofa  canon-based  firsttime  futurefic  aww  NC-17  length:15-20k  saved:mobi 
10 days ago by citibyrd
The Department of Special Collections by Speranza, alby_mangroves (PG, 4,867 words)
It was a messy thing of leather and papers and rope. It looked like Phillips had carelessly thrown a bunch of documents onto an old piece of black leather and then rolled the whole thing up and tied it . . . The papers inside were all different sizes, everything out of order and haphazardly stacked, like someone had been in a hurry and just grabbed it all.
fic  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  futurefic  Outsider-POV  documentary  Mid-Length  via:tenillypo 
10 days ago by talitha78
The Department of Special Collections by Speranza, alby_mangroves (PG, 4,867 words)
It was a messy thing of leather and papers and rope. It looked like Phillips had carelessly thrown a bunch of documents onto an old piece of black leather and then rolled the whole thing up and tied it . . . The papers inside were all different sizes, everything out of order and haphazardly stacked, like someone had been in a hurry and just grabbed it all.
fic  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  futurefic  Outsider-POV  documentary  Mid-Length 
11 days ago by tenillypo
LunaCanisLupus_22 - Spirit grows when love goes away
Jerome slid his hands into the pockets of the jacket and met Derek’s eyes over Stiles’ head one last time. Then his eyes flashed and his smirk grew more pronounced, teeth sharper over his grin.

There was no denying it now. Derek had been right. Jerome didn’t like him. In fact, he was pretty sure that he wanted Derek out of the way completely.

Or the one where Stiles meets a new werewolf in college who's a little too friendly and Derek hates his guts.
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  jealousy  futurefic  explicit  knotting 
11 days ago by juniormints
Stars & Stories - dreamingdaegu
When all of the members reunite in Norway for a birthday celebration, Yoongi finally realises what he's been missing all this time.
fic  bts  futurefic  yoonkook 
14 days ago by melodiousb
just keep your eyes on me
Bev looked at me, then leaned down further, and said something very quietly in Nightingale’s ear. I’m always going to remember his expression as she spoke. He’s never actually told me what she said. Neither has she.

I’ve got some pretty solid conjectures, though.
RiversOfLondon  BeverleyBrook/PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  03-10  Slash  Het  Threesome  Polyamory  smut  SexPollen  pwp  FutureFic  Author:Sixthlight 
17 days ago by LilyC

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