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Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
Teens, in turn, seem to be content with this homebody arrangement—not because they’re so studious, but because their social life is lived on their phone. They don’t need to leave home to spend time with their friends.

Facebook acknowledged that the document was real, but denied that it offers “tools to target people based on their emotional state.”
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El Corazón del Lobo - heartsdesire456 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek drove back into Beacon Hills on a Tuesday morning seven years after he had left it last with one single thought:

“Why am I doing this?”

But in his heart, Derek knew exactly why.

(In which Stiles suffers temporary memory loss and any serious emotional trauma could give him permanent damage so Scott calls Derek to come back and fake like he and Stiles are still together so that Stiles can heal)
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Watch HBO's Gripping New Documentary "Baltimore Rising" - PAPERMAG
The latest must-watch offering from HBO features no dragons or long winters, but the all-too-real story of a city grappling with the intersection of race, policing, safety, and change. The documentary Baltimore Rising, directed by Sonja Sohn (who acted on that other Baltimorean cultural artifact, The …
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7 Critical Skills for the Jobs of the Future
What are the skills future generations will need?
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Schibsted Future Report — Biking into the future
Autonomous cars and space travel – but what if technology will make a 200 years old invention the transport vehicle of the future?
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What Will Bitcoin Look Like in Twenty Years? – Hacker Noon
People suck at predicting the future because
* they spend very little time thinking about it
* it's counter-intuitive
* it challenges their position of power
* they mistake their opinions for reality
* they lack patience (velcro took 25 years from idea to profit)

"It’s nearly impossible to know what form those solutions will take, but we can figure out what traits the solution will have so we can recognize it when it gets here.

Solutions start by pointing out what’s wrong, asking the right questions about how to fix it and correctly defining what properties we would need to have a better experience.

in ten or twenty years expect very strong government cryptocurrencies to come to power and dominate the flow of money for many, if not most, people around the world.

The average person has zero understanding of just about anything that actually matters and they absolutely don’t see a need for privacy and security until it’s physically ripped away from them under extreme circumstances like a war. When soldiers invade your house and take everything you own suddenly the need for privacy becomes very real to people. People will adopt government cryptos like good little sheep without a second thought.

instead of distributing power, governments will look to concentrate even more power, by giving themselves the ability to track every single citizen’s spending with impunity and automatically collect taxes from wages and sales of goods and services. That’s why authoritarian governments are racing to build official state cryptos. They can’t wait to have panopticon money in your pocket as soon as possible."

Governments will outlaw physical cash under the guise of stopping money laundering/terrorism/crime and "if you trot out any or all of the above reasons you can easily get half the population to do whatever you want and even better they’ll believe it with all their hearts".

Decentralized cryptos will survive because the world's government won't be able to agree on a centralized crypto.

"to remain relevant, decentralized cryptos need to move fast. They need a killer app. Right now they’re vulnerable to attack. To really take root they need that killer app to spread virally across the globe. It’s got to be something so indispensable that people can’t imagine their lives without it. "

Only 4 types of coins:
* Deflationary Saver Coin
* Inflationary Spender Coin
* Action Token
* Reward Token

"As artificial intelligence tracks statistics in real time around the globe we’ll be able to see the real effects of a steel tariff enacted in one country as prices shoot up for building in another country dependent on that steel. We’ll track global production and manufacturing with unbelievable precision and what we learn will very much surprise us in so many wonderful ways."

"People from the World War II generation had one or two jobs their whole life.
Today we have five or six.

Tomorrow’s people will have five or six at the same time.
Half of those income streams will be automated and passive, likely some kind of crypto UBI. We will also see the rise of AI job matching services. The machines will know your capabilities and skill sets and match short term gigs to you so you don’t even have to look for a job.
Imagine a software project that requires an insane amount of code, something like ten trillion lines. Software projects are only getting more complicated and will continue to grow. AI’s will write and test half of it but people will write the other half."

"Bitcoin has first mover advantage. It’s the absolute first of its kind and still dominates the global market share but it also suffers from a number of major flaws that could kill it.

Basically, it’s the Model T of the blockchain revolution.
How many Model T’s do you see on the street today?"
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