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History of WWW and a Caution About Prematurely Judging Fintech
You can call it innovator’s dilemma or disruption or anything. But what it was really was the basic idea that entrenched technologies *always* do a lot more than new and emerging technologies. That’s just definitional.
What they mean is the new can’t do new things in *old* ways.
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yesterday by dancall
How to build a hype brand
Don’t worry about work experience or formal training, spurn the seasons, and deliver in your own time: the first rule of making a bestselling brand in 2018 is that there are no rules.
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Holli Rogers on Reinventing Browns Fashion | Appear Here
As well as introducing a whole new range of brands to Browns East (some of Rogers’ favourites include Conor Ives, Sacai and Celine), the store houses an art gallery and cafe. Rogers wanted the store’s fixtures to be flexible so that they can be reformatted every three weeks, even the entrance hosts a rotating selection of brands so that shoppers always have a new experience when they visit.
Breaking from traditional store layouts, Rogers pioneered a genderless approach with male and female lines interspersed. She explains, “I’ve had so much great feedback on this because people don’t even realise we’ve done it. What I like about the store is that you're exposed to things you wouldn’t normally see. We’ve now got a menswear buyer and womenswear buyer who go and view collections together to buy from both standpoints.”
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yesterday by dancall
A Moment of Beauty - veepthroat
“What’s the story of the holiday, anyway?” Amy asked as she walked into the dining room of the house they shared and leaned against the table as he pulled the Menorah out from the China cabinet.
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2 days ago by floatondown
The Probability Distribution of the Future
The key point is that the future should be viewed as a range of possibilities and their respective likelihoods - essentially, a probability distribution.

Learn to adjust the probabilities on the fly as you get more information. Bayesian updating.

But ... in reality, only one thing will happen. So, are you comfortable if that does happen? As Buffet says, "In order to win, you must first survive". Consequences matter.

In the real world, risk = probability of failure x consequences. Risk is not only financial.

Most importantly, knowing the outcome does not teach you about the risk of the decision. Knowing that something worked out, we argue that it wasn't that risky after all. But what if, in reality, we were simply fortunate?

The truth is that most times we don't know the probability distribution at all. Because the world is not a predictable casino game — an error Nassim Taleb calls the Ludic Fallacy — the best we can do is guess. With intelligent estimations, we can work to get the rough order of magnitude right, understand the consequences if we're wrong, and always be sure to never fool ourselves after the fact.
future  probability  risk  consequences  howardmarks  warrenbuffet  farnamstreet  nnt  taleb 
2 days ago by drmeme
Are you listening? Giving employees a louder voice
Capgemini pilots continuous listening initiative to give employees a louder voice, as Maja Luckos explains.
future  of  work  hcm  and  the  digital  talent  management 
3 days ago by jonerp

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