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Letter from Shenzhen
Chinese tech isn't an imitation of its American counterpart. It's a completely different universe.
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just now by mikeRuns
In about 20 years, half the population will live in eight states - The Washington Post
Eight states will have just under half of the total population of the country, 49.5 percent, according to the Weldon Cooper Center’s estimate. The next eight most populous states will account for an additional fifth of the population, up to 69.2 percent — meaning that the 16 most populous states will be home to about 70 percent of Americans.
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5 hours ago by dancall
Norman Ornstein on Twitter: "I want to repeat a statistic I use in every talk: by 2040 or so, 70 percent of Americans will live in 15 states. Meaning 30 percent will choose 70 senators. And the 30% will be older, whiter, more rural, more male than the 70
I want to repeat a statistic I use in every talk: by 2040 or so, 70 percent of Americans will live in 15 states. Meaning 30 percent will choose 70 senators. And the 30% will be older, whiter, more rural, more male than the 70 percent. Unsettling to say the least
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6 hours ago by dancall
4,500 Tech Workers, 1 Mission: Get Democrats Elected - The New York Times
One of the group’s biggest tasks, Ms. Alter said, is persuading candidates to campaign heavily on social media, rather than relying solely on TV ads and printed mailers. Many Democrats running in 2018 are spending a much smaller percentage of their ad budgets on digital ads than their rivals, sometimes as little as 10 percent versus more than 40 percent for Republicans, according to two political consultants with ties to multiple campaigns.

Tech for Campaigns has advised Democrats in about 60 races since it started, including Justin Nelson, who is running for attorney general in Texas, and Rob Quist, who was narrowly defeated in a special congressional election in Montana last year. The group plans to work with 200 campaigns by the end of the year, with a special focus on helping state-level candidates like Ms. Eskamani, who typically do not have the budgets to hire dedicated digital teams.
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6 hours ago by dancall
The Future of Food Goes Way Beyond Lab-Grown Meat
How late-stage capitalism, climate change, and space travel will transform our diets
food  future  science  predictions 
8 hours ago by mirthe
How SuccessFactors supports HR’s pivotal role as Teva navigates change
"Drugmaker Teva brought in SAP SuccessFactors to help transform just before an acquisition and later restructuring tested its HR function on a massive scale"
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2 days ago by jonerp
Timeless - hitorimaron - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles was doing quite alright lately, thank you very much. His magical tattoo was finally finished, he had a loving husband and a strong pack. He really didn't need some weirdo dementor-like skeleton attacking his pack and messing up his ritual. Not to mention, being accidentally sent back in time. The day couldn't get any better now, could it?
Stiles woke up in the middle of the woods with a week worth of amnesia and a bunch of strangers saying his body was posessed by the future him. He could not decide if it was the best or the worst thing that has ever happened to him. Maybe both.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  series  time_travel  rating:nc-17  angst  memory_loss  magic!stiles  slow_build  H/C  words:80000andup  pack_family  AU  Future 
2 days ago by hpfan_8890
Happy 21st Century! - Charlie's Diary
This does not make happy reading because it is so plausible.
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2 days ago by IanMulvany
Design Thinking Comes of Age
But design doesn’t solve all problems. It helps people and organizations cut through complexity. It’s great for innovation. It works extremely well for imagining the future. But it’s not the right set of tools for optimizing, streamlining, or otherwise operating a stable business. Additionally, even if expectations are set appropriately, they must be aligned around a realistic timeline—culture changes slowly in large organizations.
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3 days ago by LizFlyntz
Kohler releases the most romantic toilet commercial ever made
A piano plays. We see a montage of faces. Happy faces. Perhaps, the happiest faces that have ever been happy before.

“Imagine having the power to make everyday moments more meaningful,” the screen reads. What is the secret? What ancient wisdom do they know that we do not know?

Two minutes of art-directed perfection later, we find out. The answer is Kohler’s new smart line of “Konnect” bathroom products. This voice- and gesture-controlled smart mirror, shower, bathtub, faucet, and, most of all, toilet promise to not just make your life better, but flood your psyche with nonstop waves of ecstasy from the moment the plumber tightens the final bolt on your porcelain throne.
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3 days ago by terry

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