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The Farmer & Farmer Review . Mastery and Mimicry . The Heart of the Builder
If you asked people in 1989 what they needed to make their life better, it was unlikely that they would have said a decentralized network of information nodes that are linked using hypertext. -- Sep Kamvar
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1 hour ago by WBedutech
“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.” (Noisy Decent Graphics)
“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.”
“You are rightly anxious about how quickly our existing business models are being disrupted. Still, if you’re anxious, imagine how the folks who aren’t in this room are feeling.”
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Crypto Investors Fear In-Person Robberies | PYMNTS.com
Other crypto-related crimes have included victims being extorted for ransom in exchange for the ending of hoax phone calls to the police (known as swatting), muggings at in-person sales of cryptocurrency, and the hijacking of cell phones to gain access to holding accounts.
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13 hours ago by dancall
Algorithms are making American inequality worse - MIT Technology Review
In Automating Inequality, author Virginia Eubanks argues that the poor are the testing ground for new technology that increases inequality. The book, out this week, starts with a history of American poorhouses, which dotted the landscape starting in the 1660s and were around into the 20th century. From there, Eubanks catalogues how the poor have been treated over the last hundred years, before coming to today’s system of social services that increasingly relies on algorithms.

Eubanks leaves no uncertainty as to her position on whether such automation is a good thing. Her thesis is that the punitive and moralistic view of poverty that built the poorhouses never left us, and has been wrapped into today’s automated and predictive decision-making tools. These algorithms can make it harder for people to get services while forcing them to deal with an invasive process of personal data collection. As examples, she profiles three different programs: a Medicaid application process in Indiana, homeless services in Los Angeles, and child protective services in Pittsburgh.
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15 hours ago by dancall
Why the hidden internet can’t be a libertarian paradise | Aeon Essays
Like the pirate republics of the 18th century, this virtual underworld mingles liberty and vice. Law enforcement and copyright-protection groups such as the Digital Citizens’ Alliance in Washington, DC, prefer to emphasise the most sordid aspects of Tor’s hidden services – the sellers of drugs, weapons and child pornography. And yet the effort to create a hidden internet was driven by ideology as much as avarice. The network is used by dissidents as well as dope-peddlers. If you live under an authoritarian regime, Tor provides you with a ready-made technology for evading government controls on the internet. Even some of the seedier services trade on a certain idealism. Many libertarians believe that people should be able to buy and sell drugs without government interference, and hoped to build marketplaces to do just that, without violence and gang warfare.
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15 hours ago by dancall
The President of Nowhere, USA - POLITICO Magazine
Obama could have named anyone in the entire party; even if the Democratic bench is as thin as some rank-and-file members fear, it’s not barren. That he tossed out Buttigieg as a standard-bearer, without qualification, speaks to the mayor’s combination of life experiences and governing talent. One morning last summer, I trailed Buttigieg on his way to a Rotary luncheon, where he was scheduled to give loosely prepared remarks. He walks quickly and with purpose, almost like a hound dog—head leaning forward, shoulders slightly hunched, his destination never far from mind. He’s both shorter and less naturally charismatic than a typical male politician, with a trim build and a middle-school haircut. (Brad Stevens, the famously youthful head coach of the Boston Celtics, could be his brother.)
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yesterday by sandykoe
AT&T's 1993 "You Will" ads, the rightest wrong things ever predicted about the internet / Boing Boing
AT&T ads from the 90's, predicting using internet to improve normal human relations. What they didn't predict is the advanced weirdness, hacking, and new types of relationships and interactions that people were going to have.
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yesterday by tswaterman
How do we create meaningful work in an age of automation?
"New workplace trends such as automation, AI, and the gig economy are generating a need for policies that create jobs and work that is more fulfilling."
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yesterday by jonerp
Is your software racist? - The Agenda - Politico
One idea for tackling the data problem—and a place that many experts believe Washington could play a useful role—is new industry-wide standards or benchmarks that algorithms need to meet before they can be used broadly in the wild. These standards could call for systems to be trained on equal amounts of data for users of different racial backgrounds and genders, for instance.
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