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BTS: strange that things change by realface (Suga/J-Hope)
(7600 words, teen) Yoongi's only warning that Hoseok is back in Korea is Hoseok's 5am phone call cheerfully demanding Yoongi pick him up from the airport. | This is REALLY good. Set post- Bangtan disbanding for reasons that have nothing to do with them not all loving each other (which still wrecked me a bit). Really good painful wanting, in the tightly written slow-reveal way that I love, and really really good voices and interactions - everyone's relationships with each other are important and lovely.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  suga-(min-yoongi)  j-hope-(jung-hoseok)  suga/jhope  slash  words:5.000-9.900  rating:g-to-teen  future-canon  rpf-fandoms  realface 
january 2017 by cestwhat
Unfilled prompt: Liam/Zayn, Future Canon, Rough Sex
Prompt: Ok so, I've had this request in my head for awhile, but I'd love a fic set in the future of our current situation. Lets say a few years from now, Zayn's a full-fledged solo artist with an award winning album and touring. 1d went on hiatus and ended up going their separate ways, Liam's become a producer and is pretty well-respected for his work. They haven't really spoken in awhile but somehow Liam ends up working to produce a track for Zayn. Liam's still angry over how Zayn left and mostly over Zayn not trying hard to stay in contact with him and Zayn still feels a like Liam never really understood why he had to leave, how unhappy and unheard he felt in 1d. I just want really rough sex filled with raw emotions between the two of them. They haven't fully forgiven each other but they're still so drawn to each other anyway. (Liam tops please!)
Unfilled  Liam/Zayn  Future-Canon  Rough-Sex  Round-1 
august 2015 by 1dkink2015
Avengers: the best of life is but intoxication by kellifer_fic (Darcy/Clint, Steve/Tony)
(4,700) In which Darcy and Steve having platonic sleepovers is apparently a thing that people could misunderstand. This is adorable; Clint's crush from afar is just great. (G)
Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:Thor  darcy/clint  het  future-canon  kellifer_fic  darcy&steve  friendship  darcy-lewis  clint-barton  steve-rogers  words:2.000-4.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
january 2012 by cestwhat
Thor: Chaos War by astolat (Thor/Loki)
(34,000 words) Asgard is fighting a war it cannot win, against an enemy that makes no sense - and apparently Odin thinks the answer is to send Thor to drag Loki back to Asgard from whichever fugitive hole he's hiding in. So this is basically excellent, gotta be said. I love the bright and dark, cold and warm imagery this fandom likes to use. And speaking as somebody with somewhat conflicted feelings about soulbonding, this was basically my perfect soulbond resolution. (NC-17)
Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:Thor  thor/loki  slash  future-canon  magicians  astolat  thor-odinson  loki-laufeyson  words:20.000-49.000  live-action-fandoms  rating:mature-to-explicit 
november 2011 by cestwhat
Thor: Fleet-Footed and Caught by Memlu (Sif/Loki)
(2,000 words) When they finally catch up with Loki, Sif means to leave it to Thor to say what needs to be said, but she can't quite manage to keep silent. Oh, I love this: their utter absorption in each other while excellently funny ensemble commentary happens somewhere in the unimportant background. Even more than that I love the way Sif sees Loki, the wild hugeness of his eyes when she won't stop talking, and just the dynamic between them, I could read this *forever*. (G)
Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:Thor  sif/loki  het  future-canon  memlu  sif  loki-laufeyson  words:2.000-4.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
november 2011 by cestwhat
To Be King (King Lear gen, by sophia_sol)
(840 words) Edgar cannot get the dead to leave him alone. This is more of a snippet than a story, but I am indescribably charmed by the ghosts of the dead, and poor Edgar with his well-grounded fears of madness. (G)
gen  sophia_sol  ghosts  future-canon  Fandom:Shakespeare  Fandom:King-Lear  edgar  words:500-1.900  literary-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
september 2011 by cestwhat
The Queen's Return (Susan Pevensie gen, by honorh)
(4,500 words.) In which Susan grows up, and is left alone in the world, and grows up a little more. This kind of story, true to the spirit of the books, always brings the uncomforable atheist in me to the fore. All the same, it's lovely - though heavy on the overview kind of narrative without many real scenes - and it made me tear up, and I believed in this Susan and her character arc. Susan the Gentle, indeed. (G)
gen  honorh  future-canon  Fandom:Narnia  susan-pevensie  fix-it  words:2.000-4.900  literary-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
september 2011 by cestwhat
This Tired World Could Change (Max/Original Cindy/Alec, by Rana Eros)
Ficlet. Post-series, they have a system: inside Terminal City it's Max and Alec; when she can sneak out, Max comes to Original Cindy. A warm sexy little thing, light on plot but with nice characterisation. (PG-13)
max/originalcindy/alec  het  original-cindy  max-guevera  alec-mcdowell  future-canon  rana-eros  Fandom:Dark-Angel  words:500-1.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen  poly  saffic 
july 2011 by cestwhat
Two Steps Towards Make Believe (Arthur/Eames, by ifeelbetter)
One-shot. Arthur has always been an insomniac, so when he finds that his subconscious will let him nap on Eames' shoulder, he's far more preoccupied with finding ways to make it happen again than he is with considering what it means. This is a warm-making, sleepy story, pretty lovely. (PG)
arthur/eames  slash  arthur-(inception)  eames  future-canon  ifeelbetter  Fandom:Inception  words:2.000-4.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
july 2011 by cestwhat
The Kleptomaniac Time Traveller's Club (Romana & Lady Christina, by Netgirl_y2k)
Ficlet. Lady Christina has a getaway bus; Romana has the makings of a spaceship. Really charming little thing, with a last line that made me giggle delightedly. (G)
Fandom:Doctor-Who  Fandom:Who-verse  gen  romanadvoratrelundar  christina-de-souza  netgirl_y2k  future-canon  romana&lady-christina  words:500-1.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
july 2011 by cestwhat
Like, So Mature (Inui/Kaidoh, by prillalar)
One-shot. Momoshiro decides to set Kaidoh up with one of his girlfriend’s cute friends. The author describes this as the G-est of G-rated fics, and she’s right, it has a very *young* teenage feel. The glimpses of Inui’s single-minded determination were my favourite parts. (G)
seigaku  inui/kaidoh  kaidoh-kaoru  inui-sadaharu  slash  future-canon  prillalar  Fandom:Prince-of-Tennis  words:5.000-9.900  anime-and-manga-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
july 2011 by cestwhat
With Six You Get Eggroll (Fraser/Kowalski, Stella/Vecchio, by Speranza)
Novella. In which Vecchio and Stella visit Fraser on their honeymoon, and find him with Kowalski and six adopted kids. This is the good kind of kidfic - not just in that the kids feel genuine, but in that they're not there to add heartwarming or a framing narrative, the family relationships *are* the emotional stakes of the story - which is something I especially enjoy in a story with cobbled-together family like this. As always Speranza's reading of the canon characters isn't really mine, and I'll never believe in Stella/Vecchio in any form, but the characterisation and character dynamics work, and draw you in. There's also some really fun switching up of the Epilogue endings, a few of which I far prefer to canon. (PG-13)
slash  het  future-canon  au  fraser/kowalski  stella/vecchio  speranza  Fandom:due-South  ray-vecchio  stella-kowalski  benton-fraser  ray-kowalski  kidfic  words:20.000-49.000  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
june 2011 by cestwhat
Kisses in the Marketplace, Kisses Given Free (Fraser/Kowalski, by Spuffyduds)
Short one-shot. Ray Kowalski and five first kisses. Just really lovely, a great emotional connection in each one. The Stella kiss especially charmed me. (R)
Fandom:due-South  slash  canon-fic  future-canon  pre-canon  ray-kowalski  benton-fraser  fraser/kowalski  spuffyduds  words:2.000-4.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:mature-to-explicit 
june 2011 by cestwhat
Shafted (Ray/Ray, by sionnain)
Short one-shot. Vecchio and Kowalski stuck in an elevator. Light on plot or emotional depth, but great characterisation, and pretty hot. (R)
Fandom:due-South  future-canon  slash  ray/ray  ray-vecchio  ray-kowalski  sionnain  words:2.000-4.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:mature-to-explicit 
may 2011 by cestwhat
Some Folks Say There Ain't No Bears in Arkansas (Helena/Valentine, by bliumchik)
Drabble/short ficlet. The bear is missing. There is *absolutely no resolution or point* to this, but it's such an excellent tiny snippet of future Helena and Valentine I had to rec it anyway. (G)
Fandom:Mirrormask  het  helena/valentine  future-canon  helena-campbell  valentine  drabble  bliumchik  smallfandom  yuletide  words:0-400  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
may 2011 by cestwhat
Chicago Calling (Fraser/Kowalski, by joandarck)
Short ficlet. Post-CotW, Ray calls Fraser from Chicago. Simple, but really funny, with great voices. (PG)
Fandom:due-South  slash  fraser/kowalski  future-canon  joandarck  benton-fraser  ray-kowalski  words:500-1.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
may 2011 by cestwhat
Cowboy Up (Duck/Dan, by shrift)
Short ficlet. First steps, post-film. *Oh*, this movie. This ficlet makes me so happy. (PG)
Fandom:Wilby-Wonderful  slash  duck/dan  dan-jarvis  duck-macdonald  future-canon  shrift  smallfandom  words:500-1.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
may 2011 by cestwhat
A Garden in the Punjab (Secret Garden gen, by Rosie_Rues)
One-shot. Three womens' stories, through loss and war and gardens. This doesn't really feel like fanfiction, doesn't have that particularly ficcish form of payoff, but it has a pull that keeps you reading, and good characterisation for both the canon and the original characters. A thoughtful, satisfying story. (PG)
Fandom:Frances-Hodgson-Burnett  Fandom:The-Secret-Garden  gen  future-canon  canon-fic  mary-lennox  smallfandom  rosie_rues  yuletide  words:5.000-9.900  literary-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
april 2011 by cestwhat
Bend It Like Beckham: California Dreaming by tigerlady (Jess/Jules)
One-shot. Jess writes a letter to Joe, and Jules has an epiphany in San Francisco. Just a really nice fic, with a smile-making final scene. (PG)
future-canon  jess/jules  smallfandom  tigerlady  sportsgirls  Fandom:Bend-It-Like-Beckham  yuletide  jules-paxton  jess-bhamra  words:2.000-4.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen  saffic 
april 2011 by cestwhat
International Woman of Mystery (Thatcher/Francesca, by thehoyden)
Short ficlet. Frannie finds herself tugged into an alley in a strange city. This ficlet has giggly fun with the Meg Thatcher part of the epilogue (while cheerfully ignoring the Francesca part). There’s no context or justification for the pairing dynamic, but, mm, I enjoy both of them here a lot. (PG-13)
Fandom:due-South  thatcher/francesca  future-canon  special-agents  francesca-vecchio  meg-thatcher  thehoyden  words:500-1.900  live-action-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen  saffic 
april 2011 by cestwhat

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