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Justin Trudeau’s very bad trip to India may carry a steep cost | Toronto Star
Put aside even the prime minister’s decision to dress himself and his family in ornate traditional Indian garb during his signature photo-ops, provoking widespread criticism and ridicule. Such costumes are unusual for world leaders – and for good reason. As many have pointed out, Indians don’t actually dress like that, except maybe on their wedding day.

All of this might have amounted to mere embarrassment had the Canadian delegation, in an act of great carelessness, not invited a convicted att...
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37 minutes ago by elrob
They're Good Dogs Brent | Know Your Meme
They’re Good Dogs Brent is a quote from Twitter account @dog_rates during a celebrated exchange in which the account shut down a person taking issue with their rating system.

The Twitter account We Rate Dogs (@dog_rates) is devoted to humorously reviewing pictures of dogs doing adorable poses, often giving them scores above 10/10. On September 12th, 2016, Twitter user @brant took issue with the account’s rating system, tweeting @dog_rates to tell them it didn’t make any sense. @dog_rates replied with “they’re good dogs Brent,” purposefully misspelling @brant’s name.
53 minutes ago by raccoonnookkeeper
... the Luigi of weekdays
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2 hours ago by danvisintainer
McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Is Back. Again. |
McDonald’s originally introduced the limited batch of Szechuan sauce in 1998 to coincide with the release of the Disney film “Mulan.” Last fall, the sauce was referenced by Cartoon Network’s popular Adult Swim show, “Rick and Morty,” leading McDonald’s to briefly rerelease the sauce — and leading to full-on riots when the very limited supply ran out.
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10 hours ago by dancall
CuntsWatching on Twitter: "The 'meet us at McDonald's' haircut"
The 'meet us at McDonald's' haircut - apparently the tweet that gave the haircut its name
personal  funny 
10 hours ago by dancall

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