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Iraqi Dinar scam
People convinced that Iraq's currency is going to go up 10,000x any day now. In the Trump era they have become particularly vulnerable to scams
iraq  dinar  fraud  scam  trump  politics  funny  schadenfreude 
16 hours ago by nelson
In the Soviet translation of Catcher in the Rye...: _niece
In the Soviet translation of Catcher in the Rye...
Пишет любимый сайт

In Catcher in the Rye, Caulfield gushes about a book character who had to "beat women off with a club" and "knocked women out". Which apparently wen t over the Soviet translator's head. In that version (called Over the Abyss in the Rye), he gushes about a guy who "flogged some dames with a stick" and "beat women until they lost consciousness".
Ага, нашла в сети - издание современное, но перевод вроде тот же самый.
"Книжка гадостная, но этот самый Бланшар ничего. У него был здоровенный замок на Ривьере, в Европе, и в свободное время он главным образом лупил палкой каких-то баб. Вообще он был храбрый и все такое, но женщин он избивал до потери сознания."

оригинал: ' It was a lousy book, but
this Blanchard guy was pretty good. He had this big château and all on the Riviera, in
Europe, and all he did in his spare time was beat women off with a club. He was a real rake and all, but he knocked women out. "

отдельно понравился перевод rake как "храбрый".
english  soviet  translation  funny 
18 hours ago by some_hren
Specification gaming examples in AI - master list
A list of cases where AIs figured out how to game the system instead of actually solving the posited problem.
funny  machinelearning 
yesterday by jbm
a true friend will argue
Illya is bleeding.

He can’t be too concerned about it, though, because it’s a flesh wound at most and Solo’s injury is much worse.
fandom:tmfu  author:inlovewithnight  relationship:illya/napoleon  funny  characterisation  sweet 
yesterday by little-thoughts

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