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My 25 Favorite Programming Quotes that are Funny too - JournalDev
Recently I was looking for some good programming quotes for one of my presentation. I was amazed to find that there are some good programming quotes that are really funny and need some brains to figure out the fun part. Here are 25 of them I like in random order.
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yesterday by derekcline
President Trump’s broken timeline - The Washington Post
Past and future bend around him. In 2018, he sees a system of health insurance that is in terrible shape, collapsing, in need of help — and Friday, if Trump is lucky, that very system will pass.

He sees a president golfing every weekend and spending too much money on travel. He criticizes him, but it has not happened yet.

Trump is a creature of non-linear time.
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yesterday by Brandonshire
James may the reassembler series 1 episode 1 lawnmower
16:24 story about getting shocked by the spark plug at age 12, which was the end of the world, whereas now at the age of 53 it would actually kill me.
2 days ago by baddox

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