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terms and conditions may apply - vppa - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Yeah, well.” He deflates. “Can you tell me his favorite flower, at least?”

“His face,” Yoongi deadpans. Jungkook can’t tell if he’s being serious. “Now move.” // in which almost everyone works for Bighit, the bagel company, and Jin is the hot fedex guy
funny  au  seokjin/jungkook  bts 
6 hours ago by simplyjinspirational
I want to build a product so successful that it can have terrible UI
10 hours ago by baddox
Google's new chat product (2008)
Go Back to the Future with Google Lively
google  lively  chat  hangouts  funny  tootme 
11 hours ago by nelson
Munich commuter's 'train delay scarf' fetches more than $11K on eBay | CBC Radio
A hand-knit scarf that symbolizes one Munich woman's year of commuter hell has sold for more than $11,000.
germany  munich  transit  ebay  funny  article  cbcnews 
13 hours ago by aeng
Tormund and Brienne Are a Rare 'Game of Thrones' Bright Spot | Inverse
"God, she's incredible. Oh no, she's looking my way. Smile, Tormund, smile, real normal like. Shit, shit, it didn't work."
tv  funny 
15 hours ago by cmananian
Word of the Week: Schnapsidee | Word of the Week | DW | 26.09.2016
Is that the alcohol talking or are you just crazy? This quirky German Word of the Week will help you answer that question.
language  german  vocabulary  funny 
18 hours ago by po
dastergon/CardsAgainstReliability: A party card game for engineers caring about reliability. Based on Cards Against Humanity.
A party card game for engineers caring about reliability. Based on Cards Against Humanity. - dastergon/CardsAgainstReliability
sre  funny 
18 hours ago by geetarista

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