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IRL Glasses - Glasses that Block Screens by Ivan Cash — Kickstarter
Not too long ago, phones were attached to the wall, TVs weighed as much as refrigerators and computers rivaled minivans in size. Then everything changed. The world has seen an explosion of screens all vying for our attention (Americans spend  11 hours a day looking at screens, NY Times 2018), making it harder and harder to have uninterrupted experiences and genuine human connections.
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7 hours ago by dancall
Just inherit it already
this violin belonged to your grandpa
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7 hours ago by danvisintainer
Learn How to Pass (or Beat) a Polygraph "Test" |
Did you know:

The consensus view among scientists is that polygraph testing has no scientific basis?
The FBI considered the creator of the lie detector test to be a phony and a crackpot?
The man who started the CIA's polygraph program thought that plants can read human thoughts?
The foremost polygraph advocate in academia was discredited by a federal judge?
A prominent past-president of the American Polygraph Association is a phony Ph.D., and this premier polygraph organiza...
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9 hours ago by hellsten
Fortnite fans rally around VoiceoverPete after he gets booted from Fiverr - The Verge
Over the last three months, you might have seen a joke format that asks viewers to help pop culture figures by giving them their credit card number. That meme was the calling card of “VoiceoverPete,” an actor who delivers lines with such an impressive command that people were willing to pay him for custom videos — that is, until the website that hosted his services terminated his account for promoting scams. But VoiceoverPete’s career didn’t die there. Instead, an adoring public has now found a new way to pay Pete thousands of dollars for more memes.
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yesterday by sandykoe

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