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Marketing Funnel Templates: Lucidchart
Check out my diagram at Lucidchart. Make your own diagram or flowchart and share it with your friends. -
marketing  funnel 
18 days ago by kai
Marketing Flow - PelvicPain: Lucidchart
Check out my diagram at Lucidchart. Make your own diagram or flowchart and share it with your friends. -
marketing  funnel 
18 days ago by kai
Spotify Playlist Funneler | Steven Aleong
Take songs from one playlist and put it into another
spotify  funnel  random  tracks  playlist  tool  hack 
8 weeks ago by triley60
Why Orbit is better than Funnel for developer relations
The funnel is widely accepted in sales and marketing circles, but despite its popularity, we think it has a few shortcomings when applied to developer relations:

It only accounts for the buying journey, and not other kinds of relationships between a company and its audience
It assumes a binary relationship with people focused on a purchase, i.e a person is either a lead or not a lead, and if they’re not a lead, we don’t want to bother with them
For certain teams, the funnel remains a useful model. In fact, many marketing teams are judged on how effectively they move leads through the funnel.

That said, DevRel teams need tools and models created specifically for our discipline, and not just those adopted from other fields.
devrel  conversion  funnel  orbit 
9 weeks ago by earth2marsh
Nova AI - Intelligent Customer Management
Powered by AI & smart-lead technology, Nova is the sales platform that helps SDRs & AEs make smart B2B sales decisions with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Personalization.
sales  prospect  lead  funnel  ai  value  priority 
11 weeks ago by kpieper876
Which advertising channels are best when all else is equal?
“We did two tests where we cut out programmatic display ads entirely and did not re-allocate to other channels,” Betz added. “We did not see any change in web traffic, inquiry volume, conversion rates or any brand awareness and recall metrics.

“We even looked the potential ‘indirect’ impact programmatic ads using advanced analytics tools and could not find any impact – such as people that were served a programmatic ad were not more likely to go to our site or click on paid search or paid social ads. Based on these results, we stopped all spend on programmatic display – though we continued with paid social and with retargeting.”
advertising  programmatic  funnel  channels  marketing  research  opinion  display 
12 weeks ago by markhgn
9 Killer Demand Generation Strategies for New Brands | WordStream
Demand generation is crucial for companies of all sizes, especially new brands and startups. But what is demand generation marketing exactly, and how can small brands start leveraging the power of demand generation to grow their business?
funnel  sales 
may 2019 by jbrok

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