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Moral Trade
If people have different resources, tastes, or needs, they may be able to exchange
goods or services such that they each feel they have been made better off. This is
trade. If people have different moral views, then there is another type of trade
that is possible: they can exchange goods or services such that both parties feel
that the world is a better place or that their moral obligations are better satisfied.
We can call this moral trade. I introduce the idea of moral trade and explore several
important theoretical and practical implications.
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november 2016 by nhaliday
Unenumerated: Artifacts of wealth: patterns in the evolution of collectibles and money
This is the first of at least two posts on the evolution of collectibles and money.  The goal is to explore the evolutionary and economic functions of the “ornamental” or “ceremonial” objects that are so common in the archaeological record. In this article, we will look broadly and visually at the patterns of evolution of artifacts, in terms of their material and visual characteristics, of the most common kinds of collectibles -- those objects that look to our modern eyes like jewelry.
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august 2016 by nhaliday

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