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George Soros Transfers Billions to Open Society Foundations - The New York Times
Mr. Soros has moved about $18 billion to Open Society, which promotes democracy and human rights around the world. He plans to give still more.
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globus-toolkit/ at globus_6_branch · globus/globus-toolkit |
Why we are ceasing support of the open source Globus Toolkit. In a word, funding. The open source Globus Toolkit, like any software, requires constant effort to answer support requests, apply security patches, and perform other maintenance. This work has long been financed by grants, primarily from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). However, our last such grant ends this fall and, after extensive discussions with funding agencies and Globus Toolkit users, we see little opportunity for further funding for such support activities.
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Mobile Massage App | Zeel In-Home Massage On Demand
Zeel Investors
Zeel is proud to have a top team of investors, including:

Corigin Ventures
Emil Capital Partners
Slow Ventures
Prolog Ventures
Partech Ventures
Angel List

Along with top angels, including, but not limited to:

Chris Burch
Esther Dyson
Dave Morin
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A Website for Pop-Up Stores Attracts Funding - WSJ
By Peter Grant
Oct. 10, 2017

A venture-capital firm that focuses on real-estate technology is investing in a London startup that has created an online marketplace for pop-up stores.

Fifth Wall Ventures, which is backed by big names in the real-estate world like Hines, CBRE Group Inc. and Macerich Co. , has made a “significant” investment in Appear Here, according to Brendan Wallace, Fifth Wall’s managing partner. He declined to specify an amount or how much of an ownership stake Fifth Wall is taking.

Founded in 2013, Appear Here has hooked up thousands of retailers with landlords in London and other U.K. cities, and its website currently includes more than 100,000 brands looking for space. The company, which enables retailers to sign leases for days or months, also has expanded to Paris and, earlier this year, New York.....London retailers leasing space through Appear Here and its competitors, like Hire Space and We Are Pop Up, also have turned marginal neighborhoods into hubs for new and edgy retail concepts. That hip vibe sometimes has lured big name retailers to those areas as well.

“The idea that online retail is going to kill physical retail is a complete fabrication,” Mr. Bailey said. “Every online retailer I know is wanting to open up physical stores the same way that every traditional retailer is moving online.”
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