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Radical Software
Three years ago Ira Schneider and I started thinking about ways to republish Radical Software, a periodical Schneider helped found back in 1970. We knew it was important - the only periodical devoted to video back in the early 70s - but we also knew that complete collections were scarce.

Working from Ira's collection, we had the entire contents of Radical Software, 690 pages, scanned and converted to PDF files in Berlin, Germany, where Ira lives.

With the PDF files in hand, our first thought was to cobble together a Web site and put them up. However, when we were both in New York, Benjamin Weil from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art came by and dissuaded us from this ad hoc approach. He suggested that we convert the issues of Radical Software into a searchable database as well as PDF files. He also suggested that we apply to the Daniel Langlois Foundation for help in the project. Gerry O'Grady, a media scholar and friend of many years, and one of the first researchers in residence at the Daniel Langlois Foundation, seconded the idea, and David Ross agreed to write an introduction.

Our proposal to the Langlois Foundation met with encouraging results. They invited me to visit their headquarters in Montreal, where I met Jean Gagnon and Alain Depocas.

As I learned, the Langlois Foundation had particular expertise in developing databases, and together we looked at some they had done in the past and talked about the best approach for this project. They agreed to take responsibility for the database part of the Web site. We, on the other hand, would do the 'front end', the texts and the home page design itself.
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Peri Foundation
Digital preservation and other good works.
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Are Funder Open Access Platforms a Good Idea? - Tony Ross-Hellauer, Birgit Schmidt, Bianca Kramer, 2018
As open access (OA) to publications continues to gather momentum, we should continuously question whether it is moving in the right direction. A novel intervention in this space is the creation of OA publishing platforms commissioned by funding organizations. Examples include those of the Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation, as well as recently announced initiatives from public funders like the European Commission and the Irish Health Research Board. As the number of such platforms increases...
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10 things progressive funders must learn from conservative ones, or we are all screwed | Nonprofit AF
Conservative funders focus on the big picture, act quickly, do not micromanage, provide significant general operating funds, fund for twenty or thirty years, support leaders and movements, engage in policy and politics, and treat grantees as equal partners. Progressive funders—with a few exceptions—intellectualize, are severely risk-averse, focus narrowly, fund isolated strategies and programs, avoid politics, and treat grantees like parasites and freeloaders.
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