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Idiomatic monads in Rust | varkor’s blog
A pragmatic new design for high-level abstractions In this post, I’m going to describe a new approach to express monads in Rust. It is the most minimal design I have seen proposed and is, in my eyes, the first plausible design for such abstractions — those commonly known as “higher-kinded types”. This approach depends on a very minimal extension to Rust’s type system. In particular, this approach avoids the need for either higher-kinded types (e.g. as in this design) or full abstract...
rust  functor  monad 
march 2019 by ianweatherhogg
Lift into a Functor with pure – Alex Kelley – Medium
Welcome to Tutorial 15 in the series Make the leap from Javascript to PureScript. I hope you’re enjoying it thus far. If you’re new to this series, then be sure to read the Introduction to learn how…
functional  functor 
october 2018 by ianva
Functors and things using Scala[译] - 程序猿大叔的个人空间 - 开源中国
Types of Functors 函数式编程中有很多functors类型,我们可以使用Scala编程语言对他们进行描述。 covariant functors —— 定义了map或fmap操作。 // covariant functor trait Functor[F[_]] { def fmap[A, B......
functional  functor 
october 2018 by ianva
Functors, Applicatives, And Monads In Pictures (In Elm)
Simple enough. Lets extend this by saying that any value can be in a context. For now you can think of a context as a box that you can put a value in: Now when you apply a function to this value…
dev  elm  fp  haskell  applicative  functional-programming  functor  monad 
october 2018 by harald
holy trinity // give us

· fmap, void
· fold, foldMap, foldr (& monadic), fold…
Foldable  Traversable  Functor  from twitter_favs
july 2018 by bob
Beautiful derivation, just as types

(a,b) -> c
a -> (b -> c)

we can curry 's ((·) = Compose…
Functor  RightKan  from twitter_favs
july 2018 by etorreborre

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