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Definition of Nutraceuticals
"The nutraceutical industry in the US is about $86 billion. This figure is slightly higher in Europe and, in Japan, represents approximately a quarter of their $6 billion total annual food sales - 47% of the Japanese population consume nutraceuticals." retreived Jan 2012
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february 2012 by dunc
Nestlé: The unrepentant chocolatier | The Economist
"The world’s biggest food company is betting on an emerging class of health and nutrition products to spur its growth. But risks abound."
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november 2009 by coldbrain
France attracting overseas investment in functional foods, report
An outlook published by Aroq this week anticipates it the global functional foods market will be worth some $90.5bn (c€58.5bn) by 2013.
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october 2008 by dunc
Beauty foods: Try the supermarket to look good - 09/16/2008 -
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september 2008 by smargot

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