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Your Server as a Function
We describe three abstractions which combine to present a powerful programming model for building safe, modular, and efficient server software: Composable futures are used to relate concurrent, asynchronous actions; services and filters are specialized functions used for the modular composition of our complex server software.
Finally, we discuss our experiences using these abstractions and techniques throughout Twitter’s serving infrastructure.
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yesterday by diroussel
Scala with Cats - Underscore
The main goal of this book is to teach system architecture and design using the techniques of modern functional programming. This means designing systems as small composable units, expressing constraints and interactions via the type system, and using composition to guide the construction of large systems in a way that maintains the original architectural vision.

The book also serves as an introduction to the Cats library. We use abstractions from Cats, and we explain the structure of Cats so you can use it without fear in your own code base. The broad ideas are not specific to Cats, but Cats provides an excellent implementation that is beneficial to learn in its own right.
Scala  cats  functional  ebook  book 
2 days ago by chemacortes
Currying is not idiomatic in JavaScript
In this blog post I explain why, in my opinion, currying is in conflict with some of JavaScript’s foundations.
javascript  currying  programming  functional 
2 days ago by e2b
A functional and reactive JavaScript framework for predictable code
cyclejs  javascript  framework  programming  functional  reactive  web 
3 days ago by vicchow

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