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Java 8 idioms: An easier path to functional programming in Java
Learning to program declaratively, rather than imperatively, is an easy first step to adopting functional techniques in your Java programs.
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yesterday by gilberto5757
Paul Chiusano: If Haskell is so great, why hasn't it taken over the world? And the curious case of Go.
I’ll give a thesis to explain a nettlesome question:

If Haskell is so great, why hasn’t it taken over the world?
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yesterday by ssorc
Python as a Declarative Programming Language
Using an imperative style means that you spend too much time wading through the glue, but declaring what operations you want leads to code thats efficient and clean.

The side effect of this is that in order to be a great Python programmer, you have to learn to program in a lower level language too. All of the most popular Python data libraries have native extensions: TensorFlow, scikit-learn, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, spaCY etc all have significant portions of their code written in a native language. If you are comfortable just using these libraries its enough to be just a good Python programmer; however, if you want to be the type of programmer that can produce libraries like these you really should be learning something like C++ or Cython too.
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yesterday by janpeuker
Purely Functional Retrogames, Part 1
When I started looking into functional languages in 1998, I had just come off a series of projects writing video games for underpowered hardware: Super Nintendo, SEGA Saturn, early PowerPC-based Macintoshes without any graphics acceleration. My benchmark for usefulness was "Can a programming language be used to write complex, performance intensive video games?"
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2 days ago by pcta-ptech

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