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Map, reduce, and fold for the programmatically imperative | prose :: and :: conz
When I first experienced functional programming in Scala, I had some learning curves to get over thanks to years of imperative programming. One of those came when knowing what to do with a collection of items (more generally, this applies to some (all?) monadic types. However, I'm going to resist the urge to contribute to�
scala  map-reduce  mapreduce  functional  programming  functional-programming 
21 hours ago by lenards
fge/throwing-lambdas: Wrappers for methods/interfaces/lambdas throwing checked exceptions for use in functional interfaces
Wrappers for methods/interfaces/lambdas throwing checked exceptions for use in functional interfaces - fge/throwing-lambdas
java  functional-programming  exceptions 
2 days ago by kwbr
State in Functions: Cache, Lazy + Memoization, and Counter - DZone Java
See how you can use state and functions together in Java for caching, lazy initialization and memoization, and creating a counter.
java  memoization  functional-programming 
3 days ago by kwbr
Bank kata in Haskell - dealing with state | Codurance | Craft at Heart | London | Barcelona
Our team of dedicated software craftspeople provide consultancy, software development, and training services to clients seeking high quality development processes and software solutions.
functional-programming  state-management  monad  haskell 
3 days ago by sjmarshy

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