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RT : two experience senior engineers, one , one back end. Full-time, permanent positions. Ideal…
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7 days ago by mcaloney
👩🏾‍💻 What's your favorite "ingredient" in ?

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7 days ago by dalcrose
U of Helenski MOOC
Java 1 and 2
Full Stack!
Element of AI!
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4 weeks ago by northwestyam
What Does it Mean to Be "Full Stack"? | CSS-Tricks
I was asked this recently by a fellow developer who was at the same web tech conference I was at. This developer had met a lot of new people who literally
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7 weeks ago by te-online
What Does it Mean to Be "Full Stack"?
But it's not just what technologies they use, but what technology we even consider a part of a stack. What full-stack means morphs over time.. We're in a place right now where knowing JavaScript grants you a full-stack merit badge. You can work with client site frameworks, architect components and piece them together to build an entire front end. You can write web servers. You can write back-end code that talks to APIs. You can do all the state management you need. You can construct build processes and deployment pipelines. You can even bring CSS into JavaScript if you're so inclined.
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7 weeks ago by spaceninja
RT : Hey twitter folk! Looking for a Engineer and a to join the team in NYC. And whe…
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8 weeks ago by rodreegez

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