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my boy builds coffins - waldorph - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Beautiful, poetic, love it. || Jim Kirk was a legend before he was even an hour old, and legends are never men. They are tragedies and heroes and cautionary tales and they never grow up or grow old, they simply are.<br />
<br />
Jim Kirk is a pain in Spock's ass.
kirk/spock  author:waldorph  slash  pov:spock  fullofawesome  Star_Trek  stars:★★★★★  from delicious
july 2011 by penguinparity
mixtapestar: fic: How I Met Your Forger: The Wingman Edition (Inception / HIMYM crossover)
Arthur sighs and looks up.

"Haaaave you met Eames?"

Eames shakes him off, saying, "Stop trying to help, Barney."
arthur/eames  inception  crossover  himym  crack  au  fullofawesome  hilarity 
october 2010 by penguinparity
sharksdontsleep: Fic: If we don't, we're gonna blow a 50-amp fuse
Originally written for the prompt Ray/Walt, masturbation. Title from the Rolling Stones. -- AMAZING, Took my prompt and made it 65492342x hotter.
Generation_Kill  fic  ray/walt  hot  fullofawesome 
april 2010 by penguinparity
queeniegalore: Kink me up, ladies!
It starts with the butter, then Ray's fantasizing and Walt can't help but oblige. AND HOLY SHIT, THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT I ASKED FOR.
Generation_Kill  ray/walt  fullofawesome  hot-like-burning  hot 
march 2010 by penguinparity
queeniegalore: Ray/Walt - Use Your Hands (You Know You Love to Get Them Dirty)
Sequel to If I Could Go Off - “Walt, you’re being blond again. You let me drive you through a war in a humvee that was falling apart while you shot guns out the top, but you won’t let me drive your redneck-mobile across a flat highway where no one’s trying to kill us?” “I’ve had this car since I was fifteen,” Walt said weakly. “I worked summer jobs for years to pay to fix it up. I had posters of it stuck to my bedroom wall.” Ray patted his shoulder gently, his eyes big and sad. “I understand, homes. That is totally fucked up, but I get it, your car gives you wood. I promise I won’t hurt it.” Walt laughed, reluctantly, and held out the keys. “I honestly love you, Ray,” he said, “but if you kill my car I’m telling Brad what we did to his couch the other night. We understand each other?”
ray/walt  Generation_Kill  established  fullofawesome 
march 2010 by penguinparity
queeniegalore: Ray/Walt - For Once I Could Go Off
Honestly Ray mostly just liked fucking with him. But the more he did, the more he realised that Walt was kind of fierce, and kind of fucking amazing to boot. Also, he laughed at all of Ray’s jokes even when no one else did, and gave him all his peanut butter MREs and was a fucking machine on the big guns and wham, out of nowhere Ray had a man-crush that he didn’t even know what to do with. By the time the thing with the combat-jacks had started, it was way too late, and after that he found himself rethinking 23 years of static heterosexuality and wondering how bad his momma wanted grandbabbies.
Generation_Kill  ray/walt  fullofawesome  futurefic  first-time 
march 2010 by penguinparity
PJVilar - The Road Not Taken
Prequel to Illuminate The Where We Are - The build up of tension and interspersement of flashback with dialogue is fantastic. one of my favorite GK fics.
brad/nate  Generation_Kill  first-time  fullofawesome  porn 
march 2010 by penguinparity
templemarker: Only Inaction by templemarker [Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, NC17]
He watched, smirkily, as Fick--Nate, he might as well not lie to himself inside his own damned head--as Nate ran a self-conscious hand over his hair and his skin took on a pretty flush that couldn't just be attributed to PT. "I'm sure, Colbert," he said, looking straight ahead. "I'll bet you two ten-inch pizzas with extra Capicola ham that I can pin you in under three minutes."
Generation_Kill  brad/nate  fic  first-time  hot  fullofawesome  dirtytalk 
february 2010 by penguinparity
Jane - Fic: One Week-Sunday
An average week in the life of Our Heroes becomes a battle of wills when the boys make a wager. || Featuring a week long bet of who can seduce the other to giving in first, ridiculously hot.
holmes/watson  fic  nc-17  sherlock_holmes  fullofawesome 
january 2010 by penguinparity
lady_elina: Fic: A Study in Purple (Holmes/Watson, R)
The prompt was 'anything set in the universe of "A Study in Emerald" - desperate makeouts or desperate sex followed by desperate potentially-last stands are always great.' THE DE-ANONED VERSION OF SAME KINKMEME STORY, STILL AWESOME
cthulhu  au  fic  holmes/watson  slash  sherlock_holmes  fullofawesome 
january 2010 by penguinparity
One Week - JaneTurenne - Sherlock Holmes - Doyle [Archive of Our Own]
An average week in the life of Our Heroes becomes a battle of wills when the boys make a wager. || Amazing, hot and hilarious game of seduction between the two.
holmes/watson  sherlock_holmes  fullofawesome 
january 2010 by penguinparity
toft | fic: Homo Ex Machina
Holmes, I accidentally published a pornographic novella in which you and I perform a number of illegal acts, and now I am being blackmailed into making it a serial? || Told in the original style (a manuscript written by Watson), utterly brilliant.
holmes/watson  fic  slash  crack  kink  fullofawesome 
december 2009 by penguinparity
omg_fics: A Wise Wager || Holmes/Watson || PG-13
Written for the SherlockKink prompt: "Gambling. I'm not sure how. Watson either loses his half of the rent and food money (again), a fic about Holmes having to hold Watson's money for him, Holmes being a sure bet in the ring, or something off the top of your head. Maybe victory sex after Watson finally wins one. I don't know. I just really want to hear more about Watson's gambling addiction." || FANTASTIC Holmes voice, examination of Watson's vices. GREAT.
holmes/watson  sherlock_holmes  fullofawesome 
december 2009 by penguinparity
merlinkinkmeme: [FIC] Until The Pieces Fit
Prompt: humiliation - deals with a slightly homophobic Merlin who catches Arthur with another man.
merlin  arthur/merlin  slash  fic  nc-17  kink  dub-con  fullofawesome 
october 2009 by penguinparity
Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death by derryere
Reincarnations, memories of a past life are not a welcome as they might seem or easy to deal with. Fucking AWESOME story. Merlin and Arthur, told in all of it's beautiful, gutwrenching agony, juxtaposed in a larger narrative so you don't want to throw yourself off a cliff because of it. D: "And where did all these moments go, all these days that they couldn't get out of their heads no matter how much they tried, who would care after they died? Who would care about the people they became on their way to fulfilling their destinies?" BEST LINE, LIKE A BEAUTIFUL PUNCH TO THE GUT
merlin  arthur/merlin  reincarnation  fullofawesome  futurefic  au 
august 2009 by penguinparity
derryere: I. Well. Uhm. PORN. Title: Freedom Hangs
It's happened five times and they don't talk about it. || ONLY MY FAVORITE MERLIN FIC. EVER.
merlin  arthur/merlin  fic  slash  nc-17  fullofawesome  bottom!arthur 
july 2009 by penguinparity

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