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Entry-Level Luxury? Leica M-E Is the Cheapest Way to Full-Frame Digital Leicadom
The Leica has just announced the Leica M-E (Typ 240) – a new entry point into the brand’s legacy… relatively speaking. Featuring the same design and quality, the USD 3,995 (SGD 5,413) Leica M-E is compatible with most existing Leica M-mount lenses. That’s a relatively affordable price for Leica pedigree. For comparison, the Leica Q...

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Entry-Level  Luxury?  Leica  M-E  Is  the  Cheapest  Way  to  Full-Frame  Digital  Leicadom 
23 days ago by vrzone
Watch Out, Sony - Nikon's Z-Series Full-Frame Mirrorless System Launches With Aplomb
After months of dropping hints and weeks of releasing teaser videos, Nikon has finally officially unveiled its Z series mirrorless camera system. Their launch of the Z-series involved two full-frame (FX-format) cameras, three lenses, and an F-mount (FTZ) adaptor, with more lenses and accessories in the pipeline. Nikon Z7 – The Z-series Full-Frame Mirrorless Flagship...

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Watch  Out  Sony    Nikon’s  Z-Series  Full-Frame  Mirrorless  System  Launches  With  Aplomb 
august 2018 by vrzone
Nikon's Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras: Launch Dates and Leaked Specs
Launched in 2011, Nikon’s mirrorless debut was a disaster. The Nikon 1 series of compact mirrorless cameras had plenty going for it: class-leading autofocus and continuous shooting frame rates. But with its small CX 1-inch sensor, the ill-fated series of cameras faced a matured mirrorless market, issues that came with its tiny sensor, and unpopular...

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Nikon’s  Full-Frame  Mirrorless  Cameras:  Launch  Dates  and  Leaked  Specs 
july 2018 by vrzone
Nikon reveals D850 Full-Frame DSLR
Nikon Singapore has finally revealed their D850 DSLR, just a month after alleged press images of this camera appeared on rumor sites.  The new D850 FX-format DSLR is the much anticipated replacement for the popular D810, and like its predecessor will appeal to professional photographers and serious hobbyists eager to harness the new camera’s versatility...

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Nikon  reveals  D850  Full-Frame  DSLR 
august 2017 by vrzone
Sony Introduces Flagship Alpha A9 Mirrorless Full-Frame Camera
Sony today announced its most advanced digital camera ever, the new Alpha A9 (ILCE-9). The mirrorless camera uses the world’s first full-frame stacked CMOS sensor offering 24.2 MP resolution and featuring integral memory. According to Sony, the sensor enables data speed processing up to 20 times faster than previous full-frame mirrorless Alpha cameras. One of...

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Sony  Introduces  Flagship  Alpha  A9  Mirrorless  Full-Frame  Camera 
april 2017 by vrzone
Top 5 Full-Frame DSLRs (as of 2016)
Full-frame DSLRs. If you are a pro-photographer, chances are, you are going to own one. These cameras are the heaviest, bulkiest and most expensive of them all. Nevertheless, if you are a true sharpshooter, especially one that takes photographs for a living, they are absolutely worth their weight, and price. Canon EOS 6D Sensor: Full-frame...

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Top  5  Full-Frame  DSLRs  (as  of  2016) 
december 2016 by vrzone
Andrew Kim’s Sony RX1 Review
Then I came upon this beauty. It’s stunning. Built with the precision of Leica, this tiny camera has the same full frame sensor as the Sony A99 (shown left). It's priced at $2800. Not cheap but not that expensive either. The fixed 35mm Zeiss lens and the full frame sensor are easily worth that much money. If you consider that the Leica M costs $7000 for just the body, this is a bargain
Photography  sony-rx1  review  full-frame 
february 2013 by radii0

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