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CROATIA in 4K – Fujifilm XT20 - YouTube
Camera kit:
Fujifilm XT20, 18-55mm OIS, 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/2. All handheld.

Video Settings:
Profile: Pro Neg.Hi
Highlights -2
Shadows -2
Colour -2
Sharpness -3
fujifilm  x-t20 
3 days ago by foliovision
Fujifilm X-T30 vs X-T3 – The 10 Main Differences
The X-T30 can record in 4K but the maximum frame rate is 30fps, the bitrate is slower at 200Mbps and there isn’t a 10-bit internal option.
fujifilm  cameras 
7 days ago by foliovision
The Fuji X-T3 Review. The Best APS-C Camera I have ever Used. – Steve Huff Photo
The Fuji X-T3 Review. The Best APS-C Camera I have ever Used. By Steve Huff You can order the X-T3 at B&H Photo HERE. Video Review... - Well here we are again
sony-a7  fujifilm 
9 days ago by foliovision
Dynamic range test - EOS R / X-T3 / Z7 / A7 III / GH5S / who has the best LOG? - EOSHD
In 8bit LOG recordings you sometimes see false colour banding in an area like a blue sky which has a large spread of very similar shades of one colour. S-LOG 3 offers a good example of that.

Some of the less extreme LOG profiles like Canon LOG or even a “normal” Flat profiles work fine in 8bit. S-LOG 2 for example has less banding than S-lOG 3 in 8bit.
video  sony-a7  fujifilm 
9 days ago by foliovision
Fujifilm X-T3 Review - Field Test Part II
In the end, I needed to rein in my expectations, not only for the level of detail I should expect from an APS-C camera but also from the 100-400mm, which isn't supremely tack-sharp at 400mm.
cameras  fujifilm 
11 days ago by foliovision
Canon EOS RP and Fuji X-T30 announced - a Grand Canyon sized gap in 4K technology - EOSHD
Although the EOS RP uses a USB C jack it is capped at USB 2.0 speed, whereas the USB C jack on the X-T30 is high-speed 3.1 spec. I didn’t even know it was possible to have a crippled USB port.
fujifilm  cameras  canon 
23 days ago by foliovision
Poor Focus Peaking in Sony Full Frame?: Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
Fuji doesn't have any improvements over Sony to offer -- at least on the GFX -- except the magnified focusing ergonomics are (IMHO) better: press the thumbwheel to turn on magnification, rotate it to change magnification.
sony-a7  manual-focus  fujifilm 
25 days ago by foliovision
Fujifilm M Mount Adapter: What’s the Point? – FUJILOVE MAGAZINE
I also found lenses 28mm and wider didn’t do anything for me due to the crop factor. A 28mm lens becomes a 42mm, and a 24mm becomes a 36mm, losing the whole wide-angle feel of the lens.
lenses  leica  fujifilm 
4 weeks ago by foliovision

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