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Make `:Git` open a tab to the left for `:terminal` · tpope/vim-fugitive@bdd2168
Users of multiple tabs will find themselves back where they started when the terminal closes, instead of in the next tab over.
fugitive  git  vim  tabs 
september 2017 by nelstrom
rhubarb.vim: GitHub extension for fugitive.vim

If fugitive.vim is the Git, rhubarb.vim is the Hub. Here's the full list of features:

Enables :Gbrowse from fugitive.vim to open GitHub URLs.

Sets up :Git to use hub if installed rather than git.

In commit messages, GitHub issues, issue URLs, and collaborators can be omni-completed (<C-X><C-O>, see :help compl-omni). This makes inserting those Closes #123 remarks slightly easier than copying and pasting from the browser.
git  vim  fugitive  rhubarb  github  hub  tpope  plugin 
august 2017 by christianmlong

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