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STIHL Filling System for Fuel
STIHL Fuel Accessories available from Sam Turner & Sons | STIHL Filling System for Fuel
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8 weeks ago by asaltydog
Biobor JF for Transmission Fluids
"Why Use Our Transmission Fluid Additives?
Biobor JF has been the most recommended and widely used biocide in diesel and jet fuels for over 48 years, yet is also the standard for protection from microbial growth in all hydrocarbon based fluids, including transmission fluids. In fact, many of the largest transmission manufacturers in the world treat all of their fluids delivered from the factory with Biobor JF and recommend its use in their maintenance manuals. Sludge accumulation and corrosion inside of a transmission can cause increased wear, metal component damage and a reduced fluid life. With the addition of Biobor JF, fluids remain microbe free eliminating sludge, microbe induced corrosion and maximize fluid change intervals"
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november 2018 by magnusc

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