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Former Secretary of Homeland Security, former chairman, and conservative think tank dismiss 's and…
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40 law and economics professors supporting against 's appeal contradict themselves just two pages apa…
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An Appalachian hospital merger exposes tension over rural health care access
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6 weeks ago by andriak
YouTube fined $170m for violations of children’s privacy • Ars Technica
<p>YouTube does not require a user to register in order to view videos, <a href="https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/youtube_complaint.pdf">the complaint (PDF) points out</a>. As such, most videos are not age-gated. Anyone can view them, and millions of children under age 13 do. YouTube even boasted to toy companies Mattel and Hasbro that "YouTube was unanimously voted as the favorite website for kids 2-12" and "93% of tweens visit YouTube to watch videos," the complaint says.

But while the company was boasting of its popularity with children in public, in private it promised that COPPA was not a concern, the FTC alleges. One Google employee wrote in an email obtained by the FTC that, "we don’t have users that are below 13 on YouTube and platform/site is general audience, so there is no channel/content that is child-directed and no COPPA compliance is needed."

The company also does not treat channels or content explicitly aimed at children differently from other content for the purposes of advertising, the complaint says—that includes earning revenue from behavioral advertising, which relies on data collected from users.

“YouTube touted its popularity with children to prospective corporate clients,” FTC Chairman Joe Simons said. “Yet when it came to complying with COPPA, the company refused to acknowledge that portions of its platform were clearly directed to kids. There’s no excuse for YouTube’s violations of the law.”</p>

YouTube's indifference to the age of its users <a href="https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/aug/18/youtube-online-age-ratings-penalties-david-cameron">has always bugged me</a>; you're either under 18 or over, which ignores the gigantic differences between a 13-year-old and a child the day before they turn 18.

And that's not a big fine for studiously ignoring the law for years and years.
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september 2019 by charlesarthur
What the FTC's Crackdown on Facebook Means for User Data
Facebook must pay a $5B fine after the FTC found the social media company deceived users and improperly managed their personal data. Under settlement, FB is also subject to stricter oversight on how it manages user data. WSJ explains what that means for users including:

-3rd party apps will have a harder time getting your data.

-FB will need your active consent to keep your facial recognition data.

-FB can't use your phone number for its advertising business without your consent. (They used this to sell ads.)

-FB must quickly notify authorities when data has been compromised.
wsj  facebook  ftc  privacy  cybersecurity  ethics  data 
august 2019 by cmananian
Operator of email management service Unroll.me settles FTC allegations that it deceived consumers • Federal Trade Commission
<p>An email management company will be required to delete personal information it collected from consumers as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that the company deceived some consumers about how it accesses and uses their personal emails.

In a complaint, the FTC alleges that Unrollme Inc., falsely told consumers that it would not “touch” their personal emails, when in fact it was sharing the users’ email receipts (e-receipts) with its parent company, Slice Technologies, Inc.

E-receipts are emails sent to consumers following a completed transaction and can include, among other things, the user’s name, billing and shipping addresses, and information about products or services purchased by the consumer. Slice uses anonymous purchase information from Unrollme users’ e-receipts in the market research analytics products it sells.

Unrollme helps users unsubscribe from unwanted subscription emails and consolidates wanted email subscriptions into one daily email called the Rollup. The service requires users to provide Unrollme with access to their email accounts.

“What companies say about privacy matters to consumers,” said Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “It is unacceptable for companies to make false statements about whether they collect information from personal emails.”</p>

Pity there isn't a fine too. Unroll.me "closed" to EU customers back in May 2018 because it couldn't comply with GDPR; and had been discovered in early 2017 selling its data to Uber and others. (The <a href="https://www.theverge.com/2017/4/24/15406408/unrollme-uber-data-brokerage-apology-letter">CEO's mea culpa</a> from April 2017, which I linked to here, has mysteriously vanished from the company blog, which is filled instead with <a href="https://blog.unroll.me/page/5/">utter pap</a>, and it doesn't seem to figure in the retrospective. I did some digging on the Waybaack Machine: it was removed from the blog some time between mid-July and early August of 2018.)
unroll  ftc  privacy  email 
august 2019 by charlesarthur
The Equifax Settlement Is a Cruel Joke - VICE
Experts say the FTC dramatically underestimated the public’s anger over repeated privacy violations.
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august 2019 by po

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