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Swiss trade unions sound alarm over closer EU ties | Financial Times
SBG urges Bern to stand firm on protection of high national wages
ft  Switzerland  eu 
6 days ago by robward
Why China Should Be Your Next Wine Destination - Condé Nast Traveler
There are six major grape-growing regions in China, though only three are really primed for visitors: Shandong and Shaanxi provinces, and the autonomous Ningxia region. Among the others, keep an eye on Yunnan, where French conglomerate LVMH has invested heavily in a high-end, high-altitude vineyard near Shangri-La at the Himalayan foothills (pictured). Via the vineyards bolted to the steep slopes, it’s producing the impressive, just-released Ao Yun, a blend of cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc.
8 days ago by bbishop
In a crisis, sometimes you don’t tell the whole story | Financial Times
"As it happened, I had a lot of cash in my bank account, at Citibank. I was above the limit covered by US deposit insurance, so if Citi went bust, a once inconceivable event that I could now imagine, I would lose money for good.

At lunch hour I headed to Citi, planning to take out half my money and put it into an account at the Chase branch next door. That would double the money that I had insured.

We were in midtown Manhattan, surrounded by investment banking offices. At Citi, I found a long queue, all well-dressed Wall Streeters. They were doing the same as me. Next door, Chase was also full of anxious-looking bankers.

Once I reached the relationship officer, who was great, she told me that she and her opposite number at Chase had agreed a plan of action. I need not open an account at another bank.

Using bullet points, she asked if I was married, and had children. Then she opened accounts for each of my children in trust, and a joint account with my wife. In just a few minutes I had quadrupled my deposit insurance coverage. I was now exposed to Uncle Sam, not Citi. With a smile she told me she had been doing this all morning. Neither she nor her friend at Chase had ever had requests to do this until that week.

I was finding it a little hard to breathe. There was a bank run happening, in New York’s financial district. The people panicking were the Wall Streeters who best understood what was going on.

All I needed was to get a photographer to take a few shots of the well-dressed bankers queueing for their money, and write a caption explaining it.

We did not do this. Such a story on the FT’s front page might have been enough to push the system over the edge. Our readers went unwarned, and the system went without that final prod into panic.

Was this the right call? I think so. All our competitors also shunned any photos of Manhattan bank branches. The right to free speech does not give us right to shout fire in a crowded cinema; there was the risk of a fire, and we might have lit the spark by shouting about it."
financial-crisis  2008  ft  journalism 
9 days ago by arsyed
How We Mapped 1.3m Data Points Using Mapbox - Features - Source: An OpenNews project
We set the interpolation process running in QGIS on a Mac Pro and, a mere 11 days later, found ourselves the proud owners of a raster 250m2 grid layer covering the full extent of Great Britain, with the shade of each cell representing the mean download speed of the postcode centroids falling within it. Equipped with the raster and a beautiful red-yellow colour ramp developed by interactive designer Caroline Nevitt, we could start work on the interactive map.
mapping  FT  davidblood  bigdata  dj  ux  commandline 
9 days ago by paulbradshaw
Why big companies squander good ideas | Financial Times
The British army and the tank, Sony and digital music players, etc. -- FT on why big companies squander good ideas
FT  financialtimes  tank  sony  british  army 
13 days ago by fraser
Why Trump’s US is worse off than Brexit Britain | Financial Times
‘Britain will probably achieve a smooth Brexit with only modest damage by 2020’
ft  uk  politics 
14 days ago by robward
Has campus liberalism gone too far? | Financial Times
The threat to American democracy posed by fake news and growing intolerance in universities is well told in two timely books
ft  books  review  society 
22 days ago by robward
Click Here to Kill Everybody by Bruce Schneier | Financial Times
Cyber security solutions that should be required reading for politicians worldwide
schneier  books  ft  review 
22 days ago by robward
Chinese tourist numbers surge as overseas travel becomes easier | South China Morning Post
Mainland Chinese tourists made more than 71.3 million trips outside their country in the first half of the year, a 15 per cent surge year on year, taking advantage of easier visa approvals and more direct international flights connecting with lower-tier Chinese cities.
29 days ago by bbishop

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