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In 2018, China’s seeing its most powerful passport in years, according to the Henley Passport Index — Quartz
China has climbed 10 spots to rank at 75th place in the latest Henley Passport Index, an annual passport ranking by citizenship planning firm Henley and Partners. Published on Jan. 9, the research is based on data from the International Air Transport Association and its own research. According to the index, the ranking is China’s highest since 2008. Its lowest rank in the last 10 years was in 2015, when China ranked in 94th place. Chinese tourists can now travel to 60 countries without a visa, according to Henley.
2 days ago by bbishop
Facing Danger for a Delicacy, Sea Cucumber Harversters - Caixin Global
Li Xuewen, a doctor specializing in diving injuries at a Dalian-based military hospital, said he has treated more than 1,000 patients who were working as divers. He mainly sees two kinds of injuries. The first are lung injuries caused by compressed air expanding quickly as divers rise to the surface too fast, which can tear apart lung tissue. The other most common injury is bone damage caused by nitrogen blocking blood flow, according to Li. “It’s all because of the money,” Li told Caixin. “These people are both pitiable and hopeless — some of them turn back to the water soon after they undergo emergency treatment.”
2 days ago by bbishop
Fire, fury and the real trouble with Trump
The discord revealed in Michael Wolff’s exposé is all too plausible. Yet behind it is a story that should worry us much more.
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5 days ago by robward
China's middle class is boosting demand for avocados - CNBC
Avocado sales are expected to more than double this year as more health-conscious consumers in China show an interest in the "heart-healthy" avocados.
7 days ago by bbishop
DaDong Brings a Sophisticated Version of Beijing Roast Duck to NYC - Eater NY
on’t let anyone tell you finding DaDong is easy. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, this much anticipated appearance of a upscale Chinese restaurant chain with 10 Beijing locations specializes in Peking duck, with some outposts boasting Michelin stars. The New York location, seating more than 400 on three floors and an outdoor terrace, flung open its doors in early December to show us how the dish should be done. We’ve long had restaurants specializing in Peking duck, and every tea shop in Chinatown offers its own elaborately prepared version, minus the pancakes. By comparison, DaDong makes a flashy show in its presentation of space and food, though it comes at a price.
7 days ago by bbishop
Returnees increase flow of whisky to China - FT $$
Chinese demand for whisky is surging, fuelled not only by rising incomes but also by the tastes of the hundreds of thousands of people returning to the mainland following studies or work abroad. We estimate that imports rose 19.5 per cent last year to 17.4m litres, making 2017 the biggest year since the arrival of President Xi Jinping and his anti-corruption campaign (see chart).
7 days ago by bbishop
Newsroom Developer (Interactive/Graphics)
The Financial Times technology department is hiring a developer to join Visual Journalism desk, an editorial team, working with journalists in the newsroom. We’re looking for creative, interdisciplinary thinkers with technical backgrounds. This is a full-time position based in London.
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8 days ago by paulbradshaw
Air travel in China is about to get more expensive - CNN
The country's aviation regulator is lifting a cap on how much government-owned carriers are allowed to charge passengers on domestic Chinese routes. If a route is served by at least five carriers, the state-run airlines can now hike prices by as much as 10% a year.
9 days ago by bbishop
Chronic Delays Clip Wings of Chinese Airlines - Caixin Global
A new ranking confirmed what many flyers in China already knew, with the nation’s big three carriers taking the bottom three spots among the top 20 global airlines last year. Beijing-based Air China was at the bottom of the pack with an on-time rating of just 60%. Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines wasn’t much higher at 62%. China Southern Airlines, based in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou, was at the top of the local pack with a hardly-stellar rating of 64%.
9 days ago by bbishop
China slashes number of baby formula brands in quality drive - FT $$
China has slashed the number of permitted milk powder products by 1,400, to boost the market share of the bigger domestic brands damaged by a safety scandal a decade ago, which led overseas companies to dominate the $20bn market.
10 days ago by bbishop
Short-term gains can lull us into long-term losses
Tacit processes such as innovation too often lose out in favour of cost cutting
difficulty  marshmallow  business  ft 
12 days ago by Walpole
Trump, Xi and a dark year for democracy
The American and Chinese leaders have undermined liberal ideas around the world
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20 days ago by robward
Hard times for humble savers in the years ahead
Loose monetary policy has made life difficult for young investors
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22 days ago by robward

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