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The man who paved the way for the information age
“His insight was that, at its heart, information can be separated from both the meaning of a particular message and the medium over which it is transmitted. Any message — whether a moving image, a spoken sentence or a piece of text — could be reduced to a code expressed in binary digits. … Converting information into binary code, as Shannon proposed, offered two practical answers. One was that code could be stripped to the barest minimum needed to communicate a specific meaning. This was the idea behind digital compression, the technique that makes it possible to send today’s digital video signals over limited bandwidth. The other insight was that information could be transmitted perfectly over any line, even in the face of interference. All it took was to enhance the digital code, adding redundant “signal” to make up for the loss in transmission.”
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4 days ago by Preoccupations
Brexit: the day the whistling ended
There will be attempts by ministers and their supporters at avoidance, evasion and diversion. There will be name-calling and strident demands for patriotism. There will be blame-mongering and jockeying for succession. But what there will not be is any relevant minister taking this as seriously as the EU is doing.
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7 days ago by Ciudilo
Beijing Cooks Up a Fine-Dining Revolution - Caixin
“Beijing, to me, is a combination of Los Angeles and Washington, very big avenues and very spread out. … This might explain why some things aren’t moving forward (in the restaurant industry) as fast as in other cities,” said Ignace Lecleir, the founder and owner of one of the top Western fine-dining restaurants in Beijing: Temple Restaurant Beijing (TRB), now known as TRB Hutong.
7 days ago by bbishop
The day my family became French
"These people aren’t citizens of nowhere. Nor are they what the author David Goodhart calls “Anywheres”. They are attached to multiple specific places."
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8 days ago by colm.mcmullan
Britain is incapable of managing Brexit and calamity will follow
The UK government has failed to prepare for any of the necessary compromises
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10 days ago by robward
looks very useful
10 days ago by bbishop
Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund Leads $14M Round In Cooking Video Producer DayDayCook – China Money Network
Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, an investment unit of Alibaba Group supporting start-ups in Hong Kong and Taiwan, has teamed up with Hong Kong businessman Adrian Cheng to lead a RMB100 million (US$14 million) series B round in DayDayCook, a Hong Kong-based start-up providing cooking videos and recipes.
10 days ago by bbishop
China’s Secret Foodie Destination   | WildChina Blog
WildChina is about to give you a 6-dish tour of Xinjiang
10 days ago by bbishop
Brexit and the prospect of national humiliation
The UK faces a range of uncomfortable outcomes from negotiation with the EU
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13 days ago by robward
Connected FT | FT Labs
FT labs build pushbullet for the FT
13 days ago by MattieTK
Landis+Gyr seeks IPO to fuel global smart meter growth
Swiss company says splitting from Toshiba will allow it to chase opportunities
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14 days ago by robward

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