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Here’s what we learned from ordering 213 curries at Wetherspoons | Bryce Elder
How cheap is JD Wetherspoon? There’s a simple answer — it’s the cheapest place within ten minutes of where you’re stood — and then there’s a much, much more complicated answer.
17th  november  2017  ft  bryce  elder  wetherspoons  economics 
2 days ago by pnjman
Globalisation marches on without Trump
So while the Trump administration has focused on ripping up existing trade agreements, largely to try and address a US trade deficit in manufactured goods, the rest of the world is moving on and tackling rules that are likely to define commerce for decades to come.
globalization  trade  DonaldTrump  ft  china  japan  eu  asia  protectionism  nafta 
2 days ago by Kirk510620
A bruising Brexit could shipwreck the British economy
It is absurd to suggest that the UK could withstand the shock of worse market access
ft  uk  politics  economics 
3 days ago by robward
U.S. wilderness becomes new magnet for Chinese tourists - Xinhua
According to the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) at the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2016 there were 2.97 million arrivals from China, making China the fifth largest source country in international visits to the United States. Of those arrivals, 1.2 million (about 41 percent) visited national parks and/or monuments. The "America Wild: National Parks Adventure" film garnered 1 million views in October on Youku, a Chinese YouTube-like service platform, just four months after its digital debut, Tom Garzilli, chief marketing officer with Brand USA, told Xinhua
3 days ago by bbishop
Left behind: can anyone save the towns the UK economy forgot?
Soaring antidepressant usage, falling life expectancy: Blackpool embodies much of what is going wrong on the fringes of Britain
uk  society  ft 
3 days ago by robward
The market has never done better
But is it overvalued, and how quickly could it turn?
ft  money 
4 days ago by robward
The Zuckerberg delusion
Facebook founder is a digital superstar, but he has poor human skills
ft  usa  society  facebook 
4 days ago by robward
Puerto Rico after the storm: an island on the edge
the hurricane, Puerto Rico had a massive and unsustainable debt overhang and was a strong candidate for a 70 or 80 per cent debt write-off,” says Lawrence Summers, former US Treasury secretary. “Public rebuilding after the hurricane will be in the same general range of its indebtedness. If the right thing before was an 80 per cent debt write-off, it’s hard to say that’s not 100 per cent today.”

The storm could force Washington’s hand, with policymakers travelling to San Juan and beyond to see the damage and offer support. The Rosselló administration is expected to leverage that goodwill as it lobbies for an aid package, with one congressional aide saying a first tranche covering the financial costs of all three recent storms, Harvey, Irma and Maria, could add up to $29bn.
PuertoRico  naturaldisasters  ft  spending  debt  Congress115  DonaldTrump 
10 days ago by Kirk510620
Paris robbery dents Chinese enthusiasm for tour to France - Global Times
A group of 40 Chinese tourists were attacked and robbed on Thursday by four men in the parking lot of the Kyriad Hotel in the Val-de-Marne suburb of Paris at about 8.20 p.m., local newspaper Le Parisien reported. The assailants sprayed tear gas at the tourists just as they returned to the hotel from a tour in the French capital, stealing nine bags believed to be stuffed with luxury goods, the report said.
13 days ago by bbishop
Luck Runs Out on Chinese Tours to Gambling Spots - Caixin Global
Chinese tourists can say goodbye to holiday packages that include playing blackjack in Las Vegas or risqué performances in Thailand from January. A new set of rules by China’s tourism industry watchdog threatens to revoke licenses of tour guides who organizing trips to such places linked to gambling, sex or drugs, or slap penalties of up to 20,000 yuan ($3,022) on violators.
15 days ago by bbishop
Travel app Trip.com has been acquired by Chinese travel giant Ctrip - Business Insider
Terms were not disclosed but Trip.com raised $39 million from investors like Battery Ventures, Redpoint and Expedia via a strategic partnership with Expedia's vacation-home-rental unit Homeaway.
17 days ago by bbishop
Recipe: Rowley Leigh’s ‘Parsley and smoked mackerel risotto’
Served on little Chinese-style soup spoons, it worked well as a party nibble
recipe  ft 
18 days ago by robward
Chongqing Standardizes Hot Pot - Sixth Tone
On Thursday, the Chongqing Commerce Commission issued a set of guidelines that cover everything from ingredients to cooking temperature. The guidelines suggest that restaurants advise customers from outside Chongqing on the optimal dipping time to achieve the best flavor. They also include definitions for certain terms, such as the dipping sauce used to cool down ingredients after they are lifted from the soup.
18 days ago by bbishop
How experts can regain our trust
of fashion. Populists dismiss them as doofus elitists without common sense. But Steven Sloman, cognitive scientist at Brown University, says we’ll always need experts. That’s because most of us are ignorant about almost everything. It couldn’t be otherwise, argues Sloman: the workings of a fridge are complex, let alone the economy or the climate. Common sense usually isn’t enough because complex systems are rarely intuitive. Nor can everyone acquire all-purpose expertise: the brain has only about one-16th the memory storage space of a low-end thumb drive. So a “cognitive divi
ft  DonaldTrump  Election2016  populism  humility  communication  engagement  science  uk  climatechange  Brexit 
19 days ago by Kirk510620
Direct air route opens between Chengdu, New York - Xinhua
Hainan Airlines, 15 hours each way, can almost go for weekend hotpot...
24 days ago by bbishop
What the politicians aren’t telling you
‘They bang on about identity while ignoring automation, climate change and the revolution in medicine’
ft  politics  society 
24 days ago by robward

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