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China to merge ministry of culture, tourism administration - Xinhua
The move is aimed at coordinating the development of cultural and tourism industries, enhancing the country's soft power and cultural influence, and promoting cultural exchanges internationally, said the document.
22 hours ago by bbishop
People power, not robots, will overcome humanity’s challenges
Look around: crumbling infrastructure and ageing show how much work there is

Here are 3 reasons we won’t “run out of jobs” according to @TimOReilly
work  futureofwork  ft  automation  artificialintelligence  robots  robotics 
4 days ago by jorgebarba
Fuxing trains to cut Hangzhou-Beijing travel time to 4.5 hours - ECNS
Named "Fuxing," meaning rejuvenation, the trains will run at a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour, reducing the travel time between the two destinations to less than four and half hours. Up to this point, the fastest train on the network took five hours and two minutes
4 days ago by bbishop
Sensible Investing in a Nutshell
In this five-minute video Robin Powell, aka the Evidence-Based Investor, in his “journey to uncover the truth behind investing” interviews Victor. They discuss the meaning of the Puzzle of the Missing Billionaires and explore some of the reasons why investors don’t get the returns they should earn. The interview ends with Robin asking Victor: “What then would you advise young investors to do?”
ft  video  money 
5 days ago by robward
No Room to Rest in China’s ‘Toilet Revolution’ - Caixin Global
It may sound like dirty business, but China’s National Tourism Administration is leaving no stone unturned with its latest campaign to promote the nation’s public restrooms. That includes a new ranking system offering praise for cities with the best public-toilet networks, and an app helping people to find their nearest public potties.
7 days ago by bbishop
Where America’s gun fixation really comes from
The country’s preoccupation with guns is less to do with NRA than with a historical sense of family
ft  society  usa 
8 days ago by robward
Brexit Britain may soon be humming John McDonnell’s Marxist tune
Labour’s would-be chancellor plans to nationalise the railways and shackle the banks
ft  uk  politics  society 
11 days ago by robward
At DaDong in Midtown, Modern Art and Lame Duck - The New York Times
New York City being a lush jungle of regulations, DaDong was forced to convert its wood-burning ovens to gas. Smoke might have added some flavor, but something seems to be lacking in the birds themselves, members of the Pekin breed raised on a farm in Indiana with special instructions to keep them lean, the way Mr. Dong prefers them. Unfortunately, DaDong’s problems don’t end with the duck. The menu in New York has been trimmed down considerably from the 280-page book presented to diners in Beijing, but it is still rife with dishes that are dead on arrival.
11 days ago by bbishop
China Outbound Tourism Hits Record High in 2017 - Caixin Global
Chinese people made 130.5 million trips overseas last year, a 7% jump over 2016, while total spending increased by 5% to an estimated $115.3 billion, according to a report released by top Chinese travel services provider Ctrip and the China Tourism Academy, a state-backed research institute.
14 days ago by bbishop
How the BBC, Financial Times, and Bayerischer Rundfunk are experimenting with voice interfaces
We talked AI-powered voice interfaces with Mukul Devichand, voice editor at the BBC; Chris Gathercole, head of FTLabs at the Financial Times; and Christian Daubner, head of digital strategy at Bayerischer Rundfunk.
t  voice  ai  bbc  ft 
17 days ago by paulbradshaw
Swiss TV licence vote a concern for all public broadcasters
Result favouring abolition would pose a warning shot to Europe’s fee-backed mode
ft  Switzerland 
19 days ago by robward
Britain’s road to becoming the EU’s Canada
The UK government’s red lines rule out other post-Brexit trading option
ft  uk  eu  economics 
26 days ago by robward
Cisco: cash machine
"Flush with cash after the Republican tax cuts, Cisco announced on Wednesday that it was building gleaming factories across the US, employing hundreds of thousands of workers to make the latest cutting-edge routers.

Sorry, of course not. The money is going back to shareholders."
cisco  technology  trump  ta  business  ft  2018  funny 
4 weeks ago by benterrett
London’s Heathrow airport, duty-free shop sorry over ‘Chinese discrimination’ controversy | South China Morning Post
Chinese customers at a World Duty Free store had to spend over US$1,300 to earn discount coupons, while their counterparts from other countries needed to buy as little as US$110 to qualify
4 weeks ago by bbishop

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