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The Rise Of The State Machines — Smashing Magazine
It’s 2018 already, and countless front-end developers are still leading a battle against complexity and immobility. In this article, we will see how to use the state machine concept for solving state management problems.
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15 hours ago by darren_n
xstate - Simple JavaScript Finite State Machines and Statecharts
Functional, stateless JavaScript finite state machines and statecharts.
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22 days ago by vegarev
The Rise Of The State Machines
Notice that, while we are in “fetching” state, we are not accepting any clicks. So, even if the user clicks the button, nothing will happen because the machine is not configured to respond to that action while in that state. This approach automatically eliminates the unpredictable branching of our code logic.
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4 weeks ago by ianchanning
The Total Beginner's Guide to Game AI - Artificial Intelligence - GameDev.net
This article will introduce you to a range of introductory concepts used in artificial intelligence for games (or ‘Game AI’ for short) so that you can understand what tools are available for approaching your AI problems, how they work together, and how you might start to implement them in the language or engine of your choice.
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5 weeks ago by grinful

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