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Chicken Potpie with Chive Mash Potatoes recipe |
a lot of vegetables, of course. Potatoes and chicken cooked before use, so could make ahead. Or use cooked chicken. One of those old-style, fussy recipes, but would be fun for a rainy-day project
chicken  chickenbreasts  pearlonions  frozenpeas  mushrooms  shallots  chickenstock  sherry  chives  sourcream 
february 2019 by bodeswell
Pinky and the Brain - Yes, Always
The Brain recreates the 'frozen peas' commercial originally made infamous by Orson Welles.
PinkyandtheBrain  rant  OrsonWelles  parody  video  funny  via:reddit  frozenpeas 
october 2006 by Z303
The Brain Overdubbed With Orson Welles
Pinky and the Brain 'frozen peas' sketch dubbed with original Orson Welles outtake.
PinkyandtheBrain  nsfw  swearing  rant  OrsonWelles  outtake  video  funny  via:reddit  frozenpeas 
october 2006 by Z303

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