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How to Make a Fresh-Fruit Swirl for Ice Cream | Serious Eats
With any syrup cooked above 212°F, the final cooking temperature is a direct reflection of the water content/sugar concentration. Even though this particular technique involves monitoring the syrup's water loss by weight rather than temperature, it's just the other side of the same coin.

When using less sugar, the syrup will simply take longer to reduce, because its water content will be relatively higher to start. By the time the same amount of water has boiled away, it will have an identical sugar concentration compared to a recipe that started with more sugar. In short, using less sugar won't make a syrup less sweet, it will only make less syrup.
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august 2018 by snicholson
Milk Sherbet Sorbet | Buttery. Salted. Caramel.
3000 grams cold milk, pasteurized and unhomogenized
625 grams granulated sugar
500 grams dry glucose (powder)
5 grams salt
1 vanilla bean, seeds only
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june 2018 by snicholson
Roasted Strawberry & Buttermilk Ice Cream | Brown Eyed Baker


bright strawberry flavor with perfect amount of tang
really creamy, not icy at all from the berries
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june 2018 by snicholson

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