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(PDF) Curating Simulated Storyworlds
So, how can the pain of emergent narrative be alleviated while simultaneously maintaining the pleasure? This dissertation introduces a refined approach to the form, called curationist emergent narrative (or just curationism), that aims to provide an answer to this question. Instead of treating the raw material of simulation as a story, in curationism that material is curated to construct an actual narrative artifact that is then mounted in a full-fledged media experience (to enable human encounter with the artifact). This recasts story generation as an act of recounting, rather than invention. I believe that curationism can also explain how both wild successes and phenomenal failures have entered the oeuvre of emergent narrative: in successful works, humans have taken on the burden of curating an ongoing simulation to construct a storied understanding of what has happened, while in the failures humans have not been willing to do the necessary curation. Without curation, actual stories cannot obtain in emergent narrative. But what if a storyworld could curate itself? That is, can we build systems that automatically recount what has happened in simulated worlds? In the second half of this dissertation, I provide an autoethnography and a collection of case studies that recount my own personal (and collaborative) exploration of automatic curation over the course of the last six years.
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Never seen before - Steve Jobs on his legacy (1994) - YouTube
"This is not field where one paints a painting that will be looked at for centuries... it's sort of like sediments of rocks. You're building up a mountain. And you get to contribute your little layer of sedimentary rock, to make the mountain that much higher, but no one on the surface will see your sediment. They'll stand on it, it'll be appreciated by that rare geologist. It's not like the Renaissance at all. It's very different."
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The Symbolism Survey
"In 1963, a sixteen-year-old San Diego high school student named Bruce McAllister sent a four-question mimeographed survey to 150 well-known authors of literary, commercial, and science fiction. Did they consciously plant symbols in their work? he asked. Who noticed symbols appearing from their subconscious, and who saw them arrive in their text, unbidden, created in the minds of their readers? When this happened, did the authors mind?

McAllister had just published his first story, “The Faces Outside,” in both IF magazine and Simon and Schuster’s 1964 roundup of the best science fiction of the year. Confident, if not downright cocky, he thought the surveys could settle a conflict with his English teacher by proving that symbols weren’t lying beneath the texts they read like buried treasure awaiting discovery."
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frothkit - Project Hosting on Google Code
Froth is a Objective-C web application framework that brings the power and simplicity of Cocoa development to the web. While froth web apps are technically deployable on many different platforms using Cocotron, currently our focus has been on the Amazon EC2 cloud. Benefits of Froth * Uses the tools and language Mac and iPhone developers have come to know and love. * Reuse existing objc/c code from desktop applications. * Simple view templating support. * Very fast and scalable. * Affordable hosting on Amazon EC2 Cloud. * Multiple builds and deployments using standard Xcode deployments.
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