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Front-end made simple. Build, design, and deploy fully functional front-end solutions—no coding required.
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yesterday by sschank
How to build complicated grids using CSS grid
Once upon a time, I might have had to begrudgingly tell a designer this type of layout wouldn’t work well on a responsive web page which needs to function across a range of screen sizes, but not anymore!
css  css-grid-layout  frontend 
yesterday by kogakure
CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript – Heydon – Medium
Those familiar with the web platform will be well-versed in its two complementary technologies: HTML for documents and their structure, and JavaScript for interaction and styling.
css  frontend  humor  javascript 
yesterday by kogakure
Nuxt.js - Universal Vue.js Applications
Nuxt.js is a minimal framework for creating Vue.js applications with server side rendering, code-splitting, hot-reloading, static generation and more!
programming  webframeworks  frontend  javascript  vue.js 
2 days ago by philiphagen
Elm programming language overview | Imaginary Cloud
Elm programming language overview, focusing on the historical perspective and the language's main features.
javascript  webframeworks  frontend  elm  programming 
3 days ago by philiphagen
Elm programming language analysis | Imaginary Cloud
Elm is an easier, safer and fun frontend tech, but does it make a good JavaScript replacement?
elm  webframeworks  frontend  programming  webdevelopment 
3 days ago by philiphagen

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