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Let’s Reverse Engineer Discord - Tenable TechBlog - Medium
"It is entirely possible that Discord has valid design-driven reasons for inspecting audio/video traffic. The server may be validating call quality or enforcing content guidelines to protect users.

Whatever the reason, it must be very important due to the latency and computational overhead for Discord servers to decrypt and inspect all audio/video communications in real-time (Two and a half million concurrent voice users a day). "
security  reverse_engineering  discord  chat  privacy  2020  from:medium 
10 days ago by mechazoidal
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“How To Improve Advanced Search UX?” on Medium
15 days ago by yiru
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“How to craft a kickass filtering UX” on Medium
20 days ago by yiru
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“Designing Tables for Reusability” on Medium
20 days ago by yiru
UX學習系列(二) UX到底是什麼?易用性評估(Usability Evaluation) ,概念篇 - PM的生產力工具箱 - Medium
“UX學習系列(二) UX到底是什麼?易用性評估(Usability Evaluation) ,概念篇” on Medium
22 days ago by yiru
UX學習系列(一) UX到底是什麼?從零基礎開始學習「User eXperience (UX)」 - PM的生產力工具箱 - Medium
“UX學習系列(一) UX到底是什麼?從零基礎開始學習「User eXperience (UX)」” on Medium
22 days ago by yiru
Pixelpusher: Real-time peer-to-peer collaboration with React
From Ink & Switch: a overview/explanation of their Pixelpusher collaborative pixel art editor.
piperesearch  from:medium  collaboration  javascript  2018 
22 days ago by mechazoidal
Modern Enterprise UI design — Part 1: Tables - Pulsar - Medium
“Modern Enterprise UI design — Part 1: Tables” on Medium
29 days ago by yiru
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I bookmarked “How to Train Your Brain to Remember Almost Anything” on @Medium
10 weeks ago by yiru
How my application ran away and called home from Redmond
"Microsoft Windows 10 sends all new unique binaries for further analysis to Microsoft by default. They run the executable in an environment where network connectivity is available. This opens interesting data leak vector for attacker and also includes some privacy concerns. It is quite common that even in isolated environments, many of the Microsoft IP address ranges are whitelisted to make sure systems will stay up to date. This enables adversary to leak data via Microsoft services which is extremely juicy covert channel."
microsoft  privacy  security  windows  2019  from:medium 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
To fix Climate Change, stop being a techie and start being a human
This huge Climate Crisis will not be fixed by “us” buying ethical and using less plastic.

Because “us” will only include the knowledgeable ones, and that will never be enough.

Techies have a bad habit of seeing a problem, and trying to build a solution.


There are a whole lot of projects and movements out there that have existed for many years (some for decades) that have experience and knowledge on Climate Change.

These projects and movements could do with your help
by:PaulJohnston  from:Medium  ClimateChange  activism 
september 2019 by owenblacker
Hiring a Junior vs. Senior User Experience Designer
“Hiring a Junior vs. Senior User Experience Designer” on Medium
september 2019 by yiru

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