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How Many School Shootings Have Taken Place So Far in 2018?
How Many School Shootings Have Taken Place So Far in 2018?: #guncontrol
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Mueller Indictment Of Russian Operatives Details Playbook Of Information Warfare : NPR
Outside a Trump campaign rally in West Palm Beach, Fla., there was a cage holding a person dressed up like Hillary Clinton in a prison uniform. In the outrageous state of the 2016 campaign, it wasn't altogether shocking to see someone at a Trump event staging the visual stunt, after the "lock her …
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With one line of code, BetterLog extends the native apps script Logger and gives you automatic additional features like logging to a spreadsheet and more.
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Dunk Dinkle on Twitter: "Current Status:… "
Current Status:

— Dunk Dinkle (@DunkDinkle) February 17, 2018
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