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Winter Storm Bringing Frigid Air, Snow to Washington Region – CBS Local
Winter Storm Bringing Frigid Air, Snow to Washington RegionCBS LocalLANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — A winter storm bringing frigid air and the possibility of several inches of snow is making its way to the Washington region. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the entire D.C. area from 7 a.m. to …Heavy […]
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Atlanta Weather | Temps to rise above freezing Wednesday, ushering in warmer air – WSB Atlanta
WSB AtlantaTemperatures will finally rise above freezing on Wednesday after the Atlanta metro hit a record-breaking low Tuesday. The Atlanta metro set a new record low of 6 degrees Tuesday morning. Some areas in north Georgia dipped below zero in the morning with …Frigid North Georgia Temperatures Sink Into 20sCBS LocalOne More Frigid Night for […]
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Cyclic Defrost
hmm some crispy new musics . co #cyclicdefrost
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